Comcen AV is a leading Audio Visual (AV) and unified communications supplier and installer with a strong portfolio of products and services.

Our Comcen AV team have experience, certification and approved supplier status on various frameworks. Standards required to provide you with AV solutions that meet your objectives and budgets.

Recently, the demand for AV technology has significantly increased to improve the way employees interact. Eliminating distance barriers, improving digital collaboration and communication, and increasing data analyse.

A dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to your project who will  ensure your project is completed on-time or ahead of schedule.

What is an Audio-Visual Solution?

Audio Visual (AV) is a combination of both sound and visual elements within a system. New technology has taken AV equipment to new levels, making remote and flexible work a reality.

Benefits of AV in the workplace

  • You can make your teams time more productive, by eliminate travel costs and travel time with video conferencing solutions.
  • Wireless collaboration technology will improve communication and idea formation. This is because you can share multiple screens, and work on documents remotely and collectively.
  • When remote working becomes an effective and realistic option, you can widen your geographic location and hire the best talent.
  • Move away from static traditional print and choose digital alternatives to engage with your audience. Showcase dynamic content with video, social media, image, news, and promotion.
  • Digital signage with centralised control will enable you to control displays from multiple locations. This can be done from a single source, via an existing network. You can update content at the click of a button. which will enable you to keep your messages current and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • You can also keep your customers safe by integrating hygiene technology with digital displays.
  • Many AV devices can also enable you to link the software that you already use.

What Comcen AV offer you


Comcen AV can supply a range of AV products from leading Partners such as C-Touch, Clevertouch, Extron, Epson, NEC, Poly, Promethean and more.

If you are looking for a touchless solution, interactive screen, projector, or something as simple as a cable, Comcen AV can help.


You know what you want to achieve but do not know how to implement it. Let Comcen AV use our expertise to design a solution that suits your needs and your budget.


We have teams of certified engineers with a wealth of experience, who can make your AV vision become a reality.


New equipment can be daunting. Comcen AV can organise training sessions so you can maximise your new investment.