AV Health technology is assisting the NHS to meet todays challenges and create a better health service, with improved quality of patient care.

“We can’t recommend them highly enough and they are a jewel in the crown of ICT suppliers”
Paul Solloway- Head of ICT for Hywel Dda Health Board

ComcenAV can help to investigate modern services using technology to deliver high-value, real-time patient care. Finding solutions to work differently, improve service delivery and interact digitally with patients. Adding value by connecting people.

Some examples could include:

  • Video conferencing technology that connects doctors to patients, eliminating barriers of geographic location and time.
  • Smart displays that enable real-time monitoring and updates, providing accurate waiting times for patient and information for nurses.
  • Unified communications that connects top surgeons from across the country to discuss patient care.
  • Interactive screens that enable high resolution of images, such as x-rays, to be shared securely, enabling expert diagnosis with second opinions.

Check out the MDT solution below and look out for Health AV Room Solutions coming soon! Lecture theatre, wards, receptions, smaller meeting rooms