Time to get up close and personal with a visualiser

A visualiser can turn everyday objects and documents into an interactive teaching tool. It provides a striking visual element to teaching and learning, business presentations and much more. They do this simply by connecting the camera to any projector, interactive whiteboard, PC monitor or screen (LCD / Plasma).

A Visualiser can capture images of text, transparencies, x-rays, 3D objects, microscope slides, just about anything in real-time. Furthermore, the equipment can record viewings or save demonstrations for later.


In reality, sometimes topics are often found in hardcopy and often involve a lot of hard work and preparation for those involved. It is possible to make such a task more simple by using a visualiser. The special camera connects to a screen/projector, removing the need to crowd around a single table. Therefore, the students can view a sample of work, or a demonstration, live as it happens, on the big screen. As a result, instead of standing with their backs to the class when writing on the board, a teacher can use a Visualiser to show the text directly from a book or prewritten text. This means that the teacher can keep their eyes front and centre in the class.

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