Comcen AV professional and affordable classroom technology installation at Pontarddulais Comprehensive School

Comcen’s recent project at Pontarddulais Comprehensive School looks at our approach to classroom technology installation. The project encompassed a comprehensive installation process, beginning with detailed classroom surveys to understand the unique requirements of each learning space. A well-orchestrated scheduling plan followed to minimise disruption. The team seamlessly executed both the deinstallation of old equipment and the installation of new Clevertouch technology.

Quality classroom technology installation and repurposing legacy Technology

The school’s needs were multifaceted. They included integrating new technology, like interactive screens, to aid teaching. Additionally, efficient project execution was essential. Quick scheduling aimed to minimise disruption. Classroom surveys customised each installation. This approach ensured a perfect fit for every learning environment. Quality and affordability were also prioritised in the installation process. Importantly, older technology was sustainably repurposed. This made the upgrade to modern tools seamless and eco-friendly.

Services Provided by Comcen

  • Dedicated Account Management and Initial Consultation: Our first step was understanding the school’s unique needs.
  • Classroom Surveys: The account manager used our detailed surveys to assess the layout of each classroom, ensuring installations tailored to specific environmental needs.
  • Scheduling: The scheduling team carefully designing schedules to minimise disruption.
  • De-installation and Repurposing: The installation team carefully removed and repurposed existing equipment, aligning perfectly with our sustainability principles.
  • Installation of New Technology and Testing: The installation team rigorously tested the technology to guarantee optimal functionality.

Strategic Classroom Surveys and Installation Planning at Pontarddulais Comprehensive School

Frank Lynch, our Head of AV Sales, initiated a survey of several rooms, particularly in the Science department, to assess their suitability for the new 86″ screens. The survey involved a thorough examination of cable requirements, power socket locations and spatial dimensions to ensure the feasibility of the installations.

Survey Findings and Implementation

The surveys enabled precise planning and execution, ensuring that each classroom received the most suitable AV solution. By conducting these surveys, we demonstrated our commitment to understanding and meeting the specific needs of the school, reinforcing our reputation for customer-centric service. The insights from the surveys prepared the installation team well, ensuring the project’s efficient and timely completion.

Solutions Provided

The Clevertouch IMPACT Max screens were installed for their user-friendly interface and advanced features. These screens, available in various sizes, were ideal for interactive learning with features like 4K resolution, built-in array microphones and digital signage capabilities.

Customer Smiles

The installation was met with high praise from the school. One of the testimonials highlighted our team’s efficiency and the neatness of their work. The school’s representative, Ritchie, commended the team for being “the tidiest working engineers we have had in a while.”  showcasing our commitment to post-installation support.

Another testimonial from the school underscored our responsiveness and solution-focused approach. Ritchie stated, “I was really impressed with the speed at which the organised their visit, the can-do attitude of the engineers and the installation process.” This feedback reflects our ethos at Comcen, highlighting our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations.

The successful completion of the project at Pontarddulais Comprehensive School exemplifies Comcen’s proficiency in providing thorough site surveys, meticulous planning and scheduling. The project showcased a strategic approach in deinstalling and sustainably repurposing existing technology. The team seamlessly managed the introduction of new, advanced classroom technology, executing each step from installation to testing with precision. A significant focus on sustainability was evident in our practices of recycling packaging materials and repurposing old equipment. This project underscores Comcen’s commitment to environmentally responsible, efficient and high-quality technology installations in the education sector.

Choose Comcen AV for Professional Installation in Education

Experience seamless learning and teaching with professional installation services, and ensure your classroom technology not only meets but exceeds educational standards.

  • Enhanced Technology Performance: Professional installation ensures your classroom technology operates at peak efficiency, tailored to your educational goals.
  • Seamless Tech Integration: Expert installation creates a cohesive learning environment by flawlessly integrating new solutions with existing infrastructure.
  • Customised Learning Environments: Tailored configurations enhance educational experiences, adapting technology to suit varied teaching and learning styles.
  • Minimal Downtime: Professional setup reduces technical hitches, ensuring technology supports rather than interrupts learning.
  • Increased System Longevity: Expert installation minimises maintenance needs, extending the life of your technology investments.
  • Guaranteed Safety Standards: Safety is paramount; professional services adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring a secure learning environment.
  • Assured Warranty and Support: Benefit from full warranty advantages and dedicated support, resolving any issues swiftly with professional installation.

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