AV Project Management for CTER

Integrated Project Management: Blending Prince2 Methodology with Advanced Software Tools for Optimal Execution

In this case study, we explore how Comcen AV delivered AV Project Management while implementing a video conferencing solution for The Commission for Tertiary Education and Research (CTER). Tailored to enhance communication and collaboration throughout their organisation. The specific audio visual installations we implemented, from sophisticated multi-display setups in the boardroom to adaptable solutions in multi-use spaces transformed CTER’s capacity for interactive meetings. This case study will detail our methodical approach, from technical planning and execution to training and ongoing support.

Services Provided: AV Project Management

Our skilled team planned and executed the scope of services for CTER’s AV integration project. The project Account Manager, with his AVIXA specialist training, was pivotal in the initial consultations, conducting extensive site surveys and defining customer needs. His ability to reallocate and repurpose existing technology helped extend the lifecycle of AV investments, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

Comcen AV employed the Prince2 methodology for meticulous project planning and execution during the CTER project. This structured approach allowed us to clearly define roles, responsibilities and stages throughout the project lifecycle. Enabling us to ensure each team member was well-informed of their tasks. The project was segmented into manageable stages, each with specific deliverables and a review process. This provided greater control over its progress and the flexibility to make necessary adjustments. This methodical planning was crucial for effective risk management and ensured all project objectives were achieved within the established timelines and quality standards.

To further enhance coordination and efficiency, we leveraged advanced project management software. This tool created a dynamic environment by operationalising structured plans and defined roles, allowing for real-time management of tasks, timelines and resources. It supported centralised communication, enabling all project participants to access discussions, share documents and manage to-do lists efficiently. The integrated scheduling calendar provided a clear overview of the project’s key dates, ensuring each phase progressed as planned. The combination of Prince2 methodology with cutting-edge project management tools ensured the project was executed seamlessly. We did this to maintain high standards of delivery and client satisfaction throughout, and ultimately delivering a high-quality audio visual solution that met all of CTER’s requirements.

Solutions Provided: AV Project Management

Our team designed the technical setup for CTER to enhance the audio visual capabilities of their facilities through a tailored video conferencing solution. This solution specifically aimed to improve communication and collaboration across various spaces within CTER’s infrastructure. Our project included a series of audio visual installations, ranging from high-definition multi-display setups in the boardroom to efficient video conferencing systems in executive offices and adaptable solutions in multi-use spaces. We carefully selected and integrated each component to meet CTER’s unique collaborative needs. This ensured that every interaction, whether virtual or in-person, was clear, effective and seamless. Through this initiative, Comcen AV has significantly enhanced CTER’s capacity for hosting dynamic and interactive meetings, fostering a more connected and productive environment.

Key installations included:

  • Boardroom: This room features dual 75” displays wall-mounted at one end, with another pair of 75” displays at the opposite end, mounted on a mobile trolley due to extensive window panelling. Both sides of the boardroom are equipped with video conferencing systems, including 4 PTZ cameras, 4 soundbars, and 8 ceiling microphones, providing excellent audio and visual coverage. The large room can operate in two halves independently, each with its own control console and processing unit, or can be combined for unified control from either side.
  • Enclosed Meeting Rooms AV1 and AV2: Each room is equipped with a 65” display, a PTZ camera, a ceiling microphone and a soundbar, all controlled by a compact processing unit and a touch console.
  • Open Small to Medium Size Meeting Rooms ST6(A) and ST6(B): Each room includes a 55” display connected to a video conferencing kit, which features a video soundbar with integrated camera, speaker and microphone, along with a control console and processing unit.
  • Chief Executive’s Office: A 43” display is wall-mounted and paired with a video conferencing kit designed for small to medium-sized settings, enabling high-tech meetings in a more intimate environment.
  • Small 2-4 Person Open Side Booths/Cabins (x3): Each booth is fitted with a 32” display featuring screen mirroring capabilities, suitable for smaller in-person meetings.

Our team tested each piece of equipment in our ISO 9001 accredited warehouse. We then followed with detailed on-site installations and testing to ensure flawless operation upon project completion.

Smiles: Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency

CTER experienced a significant transformation in their meeting and collaboration spaces. With AV installations enhancing the clarity and quality of communications. This upgrade has led to improved meeting efficiencies and more engaging presentations, directly contributing to enhanced staff productivity and collaboration.

Tailored Training and Empowerment

Post-installation, CTER’s IT staff received training on managing and maintaining their new AV systems. We aimed to provide the knowledge to handle day-to-day operations effectively. This training included practical sessions on system management, content sharing and troubleshooting. The staff could fully leverage the new technology.

The success of the project at CTER is a testament to planning, expert execution and continued support. This was to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcomes from their AV technology investments. This underscores our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology solutions while maintaining an eco-friendly and client-focused approach.

Comcen Provided

  • Configuration
  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Innovation
  • Installation
  • Professionalism
  • Training

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