Transforming Historic Spaces: AV solutions for listed buildings

Unlocking the potential of AV solutions for listed buildings

Listed buildings carry a unique charm and historical significance that captivates us with their timeless beauty. However, these architectural treasures often pose challenges when it comes to integrating modern technology. One such challenge is incorporating Audio-Visual AV solutions for listed building, seamlessly without compromising the building’s heritage. Fortunately, with the right expertise and approach, it is possible to preserve the integrity of a listed building while enhancing its AV capabilities.

“Working with Comcen AV has been an absolute pleasure. Over the 15+ years of our partnership, Christine, Frank and the team have consistently delivered exceptional customer service. They understand our unique requirements, always providing the right AV solutions and they can source exactly what we need. Their professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched. I highly recommend Comcen AV to anyone seeking excellent AV solutions and outstanding customer support.” – Dave Dawe, Network Manager, Bishop Gore School

The Challenge: Marrying modern technology with heritage

Listed buildings, like Bishop Gore School, have their own set of restrictions that need to be adhered to when considering AV installations. For instance, a historic hall with abundant natural light posed a brightness challenge for conventional front-facing projectors. Additionally, ceiling height limitations and the need to avoid disruptions to the main hall further complicated the installation process. In such cases, a thoughtful, customer-centric approach becomes crucial to finding the ideal AV solution.

Comcen AV: Your trusted partner for AV solutions in listed buildings

At Comcen AV, we understand the delicate balance required when providing AV solutions for listed buildings. Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience in crafting bespoke solutions that respect the building’s heritage while delivering cutting-edge AV experiences. Our approach centres around strong relationships, effective communication and adaptability to overcome the challenges presented by historic structures.

Tailored solutions for unique requirements

When Bishop Gore School entrusted Comcen AV to upgrade their AV system, our team was up for the challenge. Recognising the need for a rear projection solution, we skilfully positioned the projector behind the stage, avoiding any disruption to the hall’s historical integrity. The focal point of the solution was the Panasonic PT-VMZ61BEJ Projector, renowned for its exceptional colour accuracy, laser light source and impressive brightness.

Bespoke Unistrut: A customised approach

One of the highlights of Comcen AV’s solution was the bespoke unistrut framework designed specifically for the school hall. This approach allowed for the erection of the projector screen without disturbing other elements of the hall, staying true to the listed building’s requirements.

Customer-Centric Excellence: The key to success

A crucial factor in the success of this AV transformation was the close collaboration between Comcen AV and Bishop Gore School. Dave Dawe, the IT Manager, praised the long-standing relationship with Comcen AV, particularly with Christine, spanning over 15 years. The team at Comcen AV takes pride in understanding the school’s requirements, offering suitable options and delivering precise specifications. Thorough testing ensured the projector was installed at the optimal height, minimising glare and enhancing audience visibility. We carefully scheduled the installation to minimise disruptions to hall usage while providing training on the projector’s features to optimise brightness, sharpness and usability.

Thrilled with the outcome

The installation of the new projector was a game-changer for Bishop Gore School. The crystal-clear visuals, even in the presence of abundant natural light, delighted both teachers and students. Enhanced visual learning, engaging presentations and improved communication have significantly enriched the learning environment.

At Comcen AV, we take pride in crafting AV solutions for listed buildings that seamlessly blend modern technology with historical charm. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your listed building’s heritage remains intact while you enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge AV experiences. If you have a listed building in need of an AV transformation, reach out to our expert team for a tailored solution that exceeds your expectations. We can help you to unlock the potential of your historic space with innovative AV solutions.

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