Mobile Recycling Education Unit

Firmly reinforcing the principle of recycling, Ceredigion County Council up-cycled a redundant Mobile Community Library Vehicle to create a new Mobile Recycling Education Unit for its Caru Ceredigion campaign.

Developed to promote ‘positive waste management behaviours’ the unit’s aim is to reduce environmental issues across the county by educating and raising awareness of residents’ responsibilities.

Before work carried out

In order to offer the best possible facility to the community Comcen, being one of Ceredigion’s Incumbent Suppliers was tasked with supplying and installing a new Phillips 55” D-Line Display into the interior of the Vehicle.

The new Phillips BDL4050D/00 which, in keeping with the environmental theme, allows the backlight intensity to be controlled and pre-set by the system to reduce the power consumption by up to 50%, which saves substantially on energy costs.

The normal method of installing the screen was insufficient as the mount had to be significantly more robust to handle the challenges of keeping the screen secure while transporting the Mobile unit from one location to another. The challenge of designing a secure support for the screen was easily met by our engineers who constructed a ladder frame at the rear of the vehicle to mount the heavy duty bracket which was then securely attached to the Display. The cables were then run through hidden compartments to a control panel at the front of the bus.

Comcen also supplied a Canon Maxify MB2155 Wifi Inkjet printer and Linx 1010 windows tablets which allows high quality access to information and printing while on the move.

The installation took place at Ceredigions convenience and was completed within a day.

Completed Phillips LCD Installation

Comcen Provided

  • Configuration
  • Innovation
  • Installation
  • Professionalism

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