Chamber of Commerce Conferencing Requirements

Ultramodern Bilingual Facilities Meet Chamber of Commerce Conferencing, Presenting, Voting, and Streaming Requirements

Chamber of Commerce Conferencing at Carmarthenshire County Council exists to create opportunities for businesses owners and managers. Approximately 41 councillors meet monthly at the Chambers to vote, discuss trade and to gain support and advice around current business topics.

The Vision

The vision for the Chamber was to replace the existing aging system with a functional conference system incorporating approx. 100 devices. Transforming the Chamber into a 21st century facility would provide high quality audio and voice reinforcement, Welsh language translation facilities, voting capabilities and video streaming that work both within the conference and to be streamed into the public eye and public areas. Additional requirements include additional inputs for 3rd party speakers to join via video conferencing and for their contribution to also be translated and streamed.


A dedicated AV consultant was appointed to the project where a working group and site survey was conducted which identified the need to accommodate 65 seats with two chairman positions and one translator booth within the conference room.

Two channels were needed:
Channel 1 – As Spoken (English or Welsh).
Channel 2 – English (Translator overrides Channel 1 with Translation when Welsh is spoken).

The Chamber also needed a solution to support digital audio streaming for integration with existing or future requirements. The IT solution was tested and configured before installation with software required for translation, voting, video conferencing and streaming. Time was saved by the IT team because Comcen offered additional services such as delivery, deployment, and the removal of all the redundant packaging. CPD training was also to be included to ensure that the equipment was used correctly to maximise the investment.


The solution included The Bosch Discentis Discussion Extended and a Chairman Unit called The DICENTIS Multimedia device. The DICENTIS discussion Extended has a 4.3 inch touch screen and is completely software upgradable. It has lots of features including independent dual-use for language selection and voting. A simple software setting that enables two participants to share a device and listen to proceeding in two different languages. Separate votes can also be cast on a shared device.

The 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen informs participants of the proceedings and increases meeting efficiency by displaying the current speaker and delegates in the request list. The DICENTIS Multimedia device is essential for local and regional councils and is ideal when multimedia content is required.

It is easily plugged into, or removed from the DICENTIS Conference System using the system network cabling. The DICENTIS Multimedia device can be remotely configured as chairperson or participant seat and has a remote switch‑off function for energy saving.

It has perfect audio quality with unobtrusive pluggable microphone and built‑in two‑way loudspeaker.


Comcen worked in direct conjunction with Carmarthenshire County Council to install the complete solution on time and within budget.

The device is configurable as a single participant, dual‑use, or chairperson’s device to add flexibility to the space. The new technology meets Welsh Language Standards by providing live translation services to participants within the room using wireless headsets. Additionally, it provides translation services to and for remote attendees.

When voting the touch screens and built-in NFC reader will recognise participants and encryption ensures that information within the system remains confidential.

Meetings can also be streamed via YouTube and into public spaces within Carmarthen County Council.

Chamber of Commerce Conferencing

Comcen Provided

  • Configuration
  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Training

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