Comcen’s Healthcare AV Solutions for East London NHS

Comcen’s partnership with the East London NHS Foundation Trust showcases our commitment to enhancing healthcare AV solutions. This case study compiles our work across various facilities, including the John Howard Centre, Wolfson House, Bevan Ward, Conolly Ward, Gardner Ward, MBU London Ward and York House. Each project illustrates Comcen’s ability to navigate complex healthcare requirements. Our aim was to deliver bespoke AV installations that improve patient care and operational efficiency.

Healthcare AV Solutions Delivery

Comcen’s partnership with the East London NHS Trust represents an achievement in deploying healthcare audio-visual (AV) solutions throughout 17 unique sites and units. This included wards, boardrooms and seminar rooms. This initiative involved 65 tailored technology installations across crucial healthcare facilities, catering to a broad spectrum of needs from secure mental health units to mother and baby units. Our efforts were aimed at elevating the visual experience and interactive engagement within these NHS facilities, thereby transforming the way healthcare services are delivered and experienced.

Comcen’s project with the East London NHS Trust integrated video conferencing technology, including ceiling mics, tracking cameras, soundbars and mini soundbars, alongside bespoke HDMI/USB faceplates. This effort, complemented by TVs and interactive screens, tailored to various healthcare settings, underscores our dedication to enhancing communication, collaboration and service delivery for improved patient care.

NHS Healthcare AV Services

Comcen’s customer engagement follows a detailed, step-by-step process ensuring a smooth, effective and satisfying project journey, from inception through to continuous support:

  • Initial Consultation: We start by understanding customer needs and defining project scope, culminating in a tailored project brief.
  • Site Surveys: Technical experts assess the site to identify requirements and challenges, producing a comprehensive survey report.
  • Project Planning and Design: We finalise the AV solution design, installation schedule and budget, aligning closely with customer specifics.
  • Scheduling: Installation timelines are planned to align with customer operations, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Installation: Our team executes the AV installation, followed by initial testing to ensure readiness.
  • Snagging: We address any post-installation issues, ensuring the system meets all specifications.
  • Training: Customer staff receive training on the new AV systems, supported by user manuals and Q&A sessions.
  • Maintenance and Warranty: Ongoing maintenance and warranty services ensure systems remain in peak condition.
  • Support: Continuous support is provided for any post-installation technical queries or issues.
  • Review and Feedback: Customer feedback is collected to evaluate project success and identify improvement areas.

This meticulous approach ensures precision, customer focus and long-term partnership, with Comcen delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

Each project presented unique challenges, from spatial constraints to technical discussions around new equipment integration. Comcen’s approach combined meticulous planning, flexible problem-solving and close collaboration with NHS Trust representatives. This ensured not only the successful deployment of AV solutions but also the transfer of knowledge for future troubleshooting and system management.

Comcen’s projects with East London NHS have contributed to the digital transformation of healthcare settings. Prioritising customer satisfaction, operational excellence and sustainable practices.  Our projects have enhanced patient care experiences, improved operational efficiency and facilitated better communication and learning environments.

Maximizing Healthcare Excellence: The Vital Role of Up-to-Date AV Solutions

NHS organisations not updating their audio-visual (AV) solutions, particularly video conferencing technologies, stand to miss several critical advantages essential for modern healthcare delivery.

  • Operational Efficiency Loss: Delays and disruptions without modern healthcare AV solutions.
  • Compromised Patient Care: Outdated systems limit swift, secure patient data sharing.
  • Reduced Staff Collaboration: Lack of advanced AV hampers knowledge exchange and teamwork.
  • Limited Access to Care: Modern AV solutions bridge gaps in specialist access.
  • Failing Modern Standards: Outdated AV technology impedes meeting healthcare innovation demands.
  • Lower Patient Satisfaction: Poor communication tools decrease patient confidence and satisfaction.

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