Ebbw Fawr Learning Community – Sustainable Interactive Screens

Discover how Ebbw Fawr Learning Community, in collaboration with Comcen and CTOUCH, is improving its learning spaces with sustainable Interactive Screens. This case study unveils the community’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, showcasing the adoption of CTOUCH’s Riva D2 86-inch screens as a pivotal step towards a greener and more technologically advanced future. From energy efficiency to substantial cost savings, explore the narrative of sustainability driving Ebbw Fawr Learning Community’s educational transformation.

Maximising Efficiency and Savings with CTOUCH Riva D2 86-inch Screens

Comcen and CTOUCH share a profound commitment to sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility. CTOUCH’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint aligns seamlessly with Comcen’s mission of providing cutting-edge solutions that prioritise environmental responsibility. This partnership creates a synergy that benefits customers, teaching and learning and the environment.

Actual Savings – An Upgrade from Older Technology

In the case of Ebbw Fawr Learning Community, transitioning to CTOUCH Riva D2 86” Sustainable Interactive Screens resulted in remarkable real-world savings. The annual energy savings amounted to 14,062 kWh, translating to a substantial cost saving of £3,656 per year. Over the 5-year warranty period, the community is expected to save an impressive £18,280. See the CTOUCH energy saving calculator: https://ctouch.eu/uk/energy-saving-calculator

Sustainable Interactive Screens

Description of the Riva D2 Sustainable Interactive Screens and Benefits to Teaching and Learning

The Riva D2 86” interactive screen stands out as a cost-effective teaching tool with advanced features. It offers rich audio, software compatibility, accurate writing and easy wireless sharing, providing an immersive and collaborative learning experience. With a warranty of up to 10 years, the Riva D2 supports a lifetime of safe touchscreen usage in educational settings.

Added Value Provided by CTOUCH

CTOUCH goes beyond conventional offerings, providing added value to customers. The Heartbeat As-A-Service program ensures remote management, security updates and end-of-life repurposing, extending the lifetime of the Riva D2. CTOUCH’s commitment to having at least 50% of screens still functioning to user satisfaction after 10 years exemplifies a dedication to longevity and sustainability.

Further Social Value Initiatives by CTOUCH

CTOUCH’s comprehensive approach to social value includes sustainable initiatives and transparent reporting. From tree planting to recycling figures, circular economy practices, and detailed supply chain analysis, CTOUCH ensures its operations align with ethical standards. The commitment to no modern slavery, achieving ISO 14001 certification, and reducing CO2 footprint per employee reflects a holistic approach to social responsibility.

CTOUCH’s Commitment to Sustainability Beyond Product Life

CTOUCH believes that sustainability doesn’t end when their products have reached the end of their usable life. Overall, 88% of the materials used in CTOUCH products can be recycled, contributing to a circular economy.

CTOUCH Riva D2 86” contains:
1.1 kg of Copper, 100% recyclable.
16.1 kg of Glass, 100% recyclable.
26 kg of Steel, 75% recyclable, with 25% energy recovery.
3.6 kg of Aluminium, 90% recyclable, with 10% energy recovery.
9.2 kg of Cardboard, 90% recyclable.
9.5 kg of Plastic, 41% recyclable, approximately 2% goes to landfill and the rest is energy recovery.

Collaborating with CTOUCH allows Comcen to actively contribute to and exceed UK government sustainability goals. The eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient solutions offered by CTOUCH align seamlessly with broader environmental targets. The partnership facilitates businesses in reducing their carbon footprint, aligning with global sustainability initiatives.

Average Savings – A Comparative with Market Alternatives

CTOUCH’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the average savings it offers. A comparison against alternative 86” interactive screens on the market reveals annual energy savings of 5,211 kWh, with corresponding cost savings of £1,355. Over the 5-year warranty period, businesses can expect to save £6,775. The annual CO2 savings of 1,339 kg demonstrate a substantial reduction in environmental impact.

Sustainable Interactive Screens

TEN Benefits for Customers

Partnering with Comcen on a CTOUCH AV solution can anticipate a myriad of advantages, reinforcing the value proposition of sustainability, innovation and social responsibility:

Substantial Cost Savings:
Tangible savings over the product’s lifespan.
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Energy Efficiency Improvements:
Significant reductions in operational costs.
Improved energy efficiency.

Positive Environmental Impact:
Actively participating in carbon reduction initiatives.
Contribution to a greener planet.

Alignment with Government Sustainability Goals:
Strategic pathway to meeting and exceeding government sustainability goals.
Direct contribution to broader environmental targets set by governments.

Assurance of Ethical and Transparent Supply Chain Practices:
Commitment to ethical supply chain practices.
Operations free from any form of exploitation.

Added Value Through Innovation:
Continuous efforts for innovation and enhancement.
Access to programs like Heartbeat As-A-Service and Sustainability Passport.

Employee Satisfaction and Customer Assurance:
Emphasis on creating a ‘Great Place To Work.’
Employee satisfaction contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

Meeting Modern Slavery Act Standards:
Strong stance against modern slavery.
Rigorous mapping of the supply chain for compliance.

Social Values Goals and Impact Measurement:
Actively measuring impact through initiatives such as tree planting.
Transparent reporting on social values goals.

Contribution to Circular Economy and Recycling Initiatives:
Active engagement in circular economy strategies.
Commitment to recycling end-of-life products for future use.

In summary, the Comcen and CTOUCH partnership stands as a beacon of sustainability in the AV industry, providing businesses with innovative solutions that prioritize environmental responsibility, cost-effectiveness, and long-term impact. This case study exemplifies how businesses, through strategic partnerships, can contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future.

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