LG 86″ Ultra-Stretch Screen

With an amazing span of 86”s, LG’s new 86BH5C (TBD” diagonal) ultra-stretch display is something to lay your eyes on. Designed for the most unique placement requirements it can be positioned in both portrait or landscape modes.

With endless placement possibilities it could be used in…


Take advantage if scalability for advertising and promotions in spaces with heavy foot traffic and high customer attraction rate, such as airports, bus and train terminals.


Used for advertising and promotions at shopping centers or large clothing stores Maximize the attention rate by creating landmarks in spacious areas.

86-stretch-info2PUBLIC SPACES

Display up-to-date information effectively to more people in places such as stock markets, banks, and public venues. Effective for easy understanding at-a glance.


Perfect for showing daily food or drink specials to your customers while watching sports. For your convenience, you can store different menu items into SuperSign TV.

The sceens key features including, multiple screen capability, dynamic content delivery in various screen formats, daisy chain via an additional media player or a Lan and is easy installion

Demonstrations available.