AVer conference technology

AVer conference technology provides a new working style that keeps up with the changing workspace environment whilst reducing your costs, improving your collaboration, a greener experience, and access to your human resources.

With social methods changing with the climate, the importance to communicate remotely and in office is more critical than ever.

Positive factors that have resulted from hybrid working, is the reduction in travel time leading to a reduction in the carbon footprint.

AVer technology makes conferencing easier with Human Resources, an inexpensive method for users to join together.


AVer technology enables users to conference anywhere instantly with guaranteed quality.

High performing visuals and audio develops a new way of collaborating to make it feel like each user is in the room, even if they are working remotely.

Plug-and-Play | Straightforward interface | Full HD Video

Prepare your meeting space with AVer experts who are available 24/7 and offer call-ins to their live in-house demo.

AVer have total confidence in their products resulting in them able to provide a 5-year warranty for users.

AVer has a solution for any communication needs and can go beyond expectations.

AVer’s USB conferencing systems are easy to use along with being compatible with the majority of cloud-and web-based applications within conferencing.

Zoom | Microsoft® Teams | Skype for Business & Skype™ | Google Meet | Intel® Unite™ | RingCentral | BlueJeans |V-Cube | LiveOn | Lifesize | ZiipRoom | Cyberlink U Meeting® | TrueConf | Adobe  | Connect | Cisco WebEx® | Fuze | GoToMeeting™ | Microsoft® Lync™ | Vidyo | vMix | WebRTC | Wirecast | XSplit

AVer is recognised as a global leader in technology within the education sector, offering schools the latest customisable solutions to improve teaching and learning experiences.

AVer is a popular choice with teachers as it provides a rich learning environment. With the A+ Suite classroom software combining the document camera with plug ins, IWB software and Microsoft Office, lessons are taken to a new level of learning.

An exclusive feauture for AVer visualiser is AVerTouch.
With one touch, you can connect devices with the visualiser to enable content sharing.

Additionally you can sync to the Cloud automatically to save files, making teaching fun and engaging for both student and teacher.

Collaboration between AVer AI AutoTracking and PTZ livestreaming cameras capture the needs of professionals within the education and health sectors.

With the AI algorithm Auto Tracking Cameras can follow the user who is presenting. The cameras can be fitted onto a wall or tripod to be able to track the user presenting and focus on writing surfaces.

PTZ Cameras can adapt to a number of spaces, which can record, tilt, and zoom the event, class, productions and more.

Controlled by wireless remote, joystick controller and web UI, no space is taken up by cables. The camera can be fixed on walls or even upside down from the ceiling depending on your usage requirements.