Huddly AI video conference cameras

Huddly AI video camera’s are a combination of hardware, software, and AI enhances conferencing intelligence, with wide-angle conference cameras.

Huddly products are driven by design, this means products are thought through, considered and tested, they enrich our experiences with them.

Obstacle-free meetings are essential for 21st century collaboration. Huddly cameras are flexible, easy-to-use and software-upgradable. Whereas most tech gets old fast, Huddly products stay new with software updates, enhancements and new Genius feature releases.

Founded in 2013.

In 2013 Huddly was founded in Oslo, Norway. Combining Scandinavian-designed software, hardware, and AI.
Huddly creates high quality experiences from the combination of designed equipment.
Huddly genius has inbuilt intelligently automated manual processes, eliminating the requirement to control the camera.

Powerful, smart video.

Huddly smart cameras with AI and advanced software, makes collaborating easy with devices that can adapt to any room size to help you get the most out of your meeting environment.

Professional video for home offices.

Turn your home working space into a professional office with an advanced video conference set up with desktop or laptop, using Huddly ONE camera and kit.

The zoom level of Huddly ONE’s is customisable to frame correctly which can be adjusted at any time.

Certified for Microsoft Teams, Huddly ONE is USB-powered and can be used for desktop, laptop, Mac, and PC.

With the simple set up you can use anywhere on any app.

Freedom to create and collaborate anywhere.

Hybrid working has changed how we communicate and share ideas. Canvas is an AI camera which provides you with the tools you need to meet from anywhere.

Integrated with Microsoft Teams, you don’t need to be a tech expert to set up your meetings.

Get the most of your meetings with the AI camera, creating a real time experience, providing clarity through whiteboard imaging.

Powerful collaboration through smart video and advanced software.

Recommended for large rooms, the Huddly L1 shares clear colours and Images, capturing fine details with a 6k sensor and a fixed focus lens.

Recommended for small to medium rooms, the Huddly S1 frames everyone with support from Genius Framing.

The Huddly IQ and Huddly GO work for small working environments.
Go works with a range of collaborative apps and can be easily mounted.
The IQ has an optional microphone array, and the camera intelligently captures participants.

Free 3-year warranty –Huddly are Commitment to quality.