ROOMZ Intelligent Offices

ROOMZ Intelligent Offices

Roomz Intelligent Offices displays provide the right information at the right time, right where it‘s needed. Puts an end to guesswork in corridors and lets employees book available spaces right on the spot.
The most straightforward and easiest-to-deploy solution to support and create the agile work environments of the future. Right after installation, ROOMZ products will help you to maximize the usage of your hybrid workspaces, while increasing work efficiency and collaboration.

No cabling – Battery of two years and more (4 years + on the sensor)
Made in Switzerland, exclusive, high quality brushed aluminium on the back and glass on the front
100% wireless – support also complex Wi-Fi Security standards (certificate)
No operating system -> no data stored in the display, no security issue
EEE: Easy to install – Easy to maintain – Easy to use
Scalable from 1 display/sensor to 1000+
Eco friendly – Low consumption and extended service life
Hosting on Microsoft Azure – ROOMZ Server on-premise also possible
Auto-release functionality with the ROOMZ sensor
Analytics to provide key information about the real use of your meeting rooms
Flightboard compatible with all screens like smart TVs / PC
Ecosystem to manage all kind of workspaces (meeting room, huddle, desks)


ROOMZ automatically release a room for a meeting where no one showed up.
Time before release can be set per type of ROOMZ (from 15 minutes to 2 hours for large meeting rooms)


With ROOMZ analytics, you will get the insights needed to optimize your spaces.

Roomz Intelligent Offices

Roomz two engineers, Roger Meier and Patrick Terreaux, worked closely together with ETH Zurich to develop a reservation and administration tool called “ROOMZ” for the efficient management of meeting rooms, which can be easily integrated in Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar and other reservation systems.

Many companies and organizations have recognized that unprofessional or even manual room management is a cost driver and a time waster which hinders the introduction of modern working forms.

With the solution from ROOMZ, users manage their space resources intelligently while saving time and enhancing their image. The stylish signage impresses not only with its elegant design, it works 100% wirelessly and thus fits harmoniously in any existing office environment. In 2018, the ROOMZ Sensor has been developed to solve the problem of ghost meetings. All ROOMZ products are eco-friendly and have been designed to last over time in order to support digital sobriety

More than 1000 satisfied customers are already using the ROOMZ solution in Switzerland, Germany, France, England and other regions like Nordics, Italy, Spain, Portugal are starting right now.

The Meeting Room solution (Display and ROOMZ Sensor) is complemented by the Intelligent Office solution (ROOMZ Desk and Huddle Sensors) in order to manage all types of workspaces. myROOMZ application dedicated to Flex Office organizations allows employees to organize their office life with confidence.

Roomz Engineers

ROOMZ – first customer in 2015…

800 meeting rooms, seminar rooms and lecture halls in a historic main building as well as in five other ETH location
10 different reservation tools in place
800 ROOMZ Displays installed by end of 2021

Zoomz First Customer

Other customers Roomz include:

Roomz Partners

Sustainable Digital Technology

Extremely Low Power
Subtle design – High quality materials to fit discretely in any environment
Service life – More than 10 years
Reduce waste – Make better use of your spaces
Innovation – ROOMZ Solar Kit: 100% Solar Display powered only by daylight
Innovation Trophies 2021 – Workspace Expo Award winner in the technology section

Roomz Sustainable Technology


Displays have no operative system and no data is stored locally
No access to people calendar, only to resources (meeting room)
Sensors with fully anonymous motion detection, privacy by design
Hosting in Microsoft Azure environment
ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant
Security Whitepapers: Security & Data Privacy Whitepaper

ROOMZ Experience Box

All you need to start optimizing the usage of your meeting rooms
A ready-to-use tool installed in a few minutes
fully functional room booking suystem at a fraction of the cost
Start improving work efficiency and collaboration tomorrow
In option: myROOMZ + 40 Desk for free for one month

Roomz Box Experience


Adding floorplan visualizations is often complex and expensive. ROOMZ lets you easily manage your buildings, upload floorplans and link it to your Meeting rooms, Huddle spaces and Shared desks. Once configured, it will enable floorplan views with TV-signage, in ROOMZ analytics tools or in combination with myROOMZ.


ROOMZ let you put a live floorplan with currently occupied spaces on each floor. Or visualize your entire building on an interactive viewer in the lobby area.


Non-bookable (huddle-) spaces, such as phone booth, small 1-1 meeting spaces and dedicated open areas are used ad-hoc. The search for an available huddle space is often a hassle and wastes precious time. By using the ROOMZ Huddle Sensor in combination with the floorplan, free huddle-spaces can be highlighted. With ROOMZ analytics, huddle space usage can be monitored and the number of spaces be adjusted.


Looking to increase your shared desk ratio while avoiding frustration amongst employees? – ROOMZ will help you to efficiently manage your shared desk environment by providing the right tools. Let employees book their desk with myROOMZ, visualize available spaces on your digital floorplan and use the ROOMZ Desk Sensor to add real-time capability and analysis.


With myROOMZ you can efficiently manage your Flex Office organisation and your hybrid workspaces. Let all your employees access an easy tool to find and book available spaces. Very easy setup, no installation required. Using SSO (single sign-on) authentication scheme, no additional logins are required.


Are you looking for a simple and reliable solution to organise your employees’ return to the office? myROOMZ allows everyone to plan their visits to the office independently and in compliance with current hygiene standards. Get tangible data to manage the occupation of your workspaces and preserve the health of your team members.

Roomz Digital Floorplan