Dave Matthews

Group Managing Director

It’s been a busy period over the last six months at Comcen. Firstly our acquisition of Pisys.net in April, right at the start of lockdown, today was their first full day in their new office space at Comcen HQ.

This was followed by our first foothold in Scotland in August, the team have gotten off to a flying start there too, we are very pleased with the excellent work happening there and will be looking to expand in the near future.

Today was the first full day that our new office in Cardiff has been open for business and the team has done themselves proud, it’s been a great start.

We have also been busy restructuring the way we work internally, to accommodate more collaboration and cross functional service delivery, improving the level and range of services available to our customers.

The pandemic has been a terrible situation for people, economies and business, we have done our best to keep all staff safe and not disadvantaged financially, I am proud of what we have achieved, as a business, as a family, across all our locations in Wales, England, Scotland and Romania.

Our strength is our dedicated team and we are all aligned with a single focus, to push forward, to deliver service second to no one, we are here to serve and I am proud to be part of the Comcen family.