Frank Lynch

Head of AV


I’ve always been into tech, from my previous career positions all the way back to my childhood and the fascination with my first computer. I have most gadgets at home already and i’m normally the first person looking to clue myself up about the latest upcoming technology.

Working at Comcen 

I truly enjoy working for Comcen. To work in technology and help people resolve their issues along with providing top notch solutions, what more could I ask for. Apart from that, I have a great team around me and the opportunities that I have with personal development and succession is brilliant. Oh, and the 4 day week is certainly a nice touch too.

Staying up to date with the latest business technology 

I like to stay up to date with the latest business tech from attending webinars, completing accreditation’s and visiting trade events. It certainly helps naturally being into technology also.

Personal and professional motivations 

My personal motivations are my two beautiful children, I adore my time with them, and we have so much fun together. Basketball is also a passion of mine, I’ve played for over 20 years and competed at various different levels too, I also enjoy coaching the team also. It’s in my blood. Professional motivation for me is to always give my all at whatever task is at hand. I like seeing others around me doing well, being successful, and naturally looking at how we can make things even better. I’m currently studying for my BA in Business Management.