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    Warranty: 3-year

    High-Visibility in Direct Sunlight

    The Allsee Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays, which feature commercial-grade ultra-high brightness panels (2,500cd/m²), are significantly brighter than a typical household TV, making them easily readable even in direct sunlight.


    The Allsee Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, with a robust IP65 rated enclosure that protects against wet weather and dust. Additionally, they feature waterproof coatings on internal circuit boards and AV connectors, ensuring complete protection against moisture.

    PCAP Touch Screen

    The touch screen utilizes cutting-edge projected capacitive technology, providing an unparalleled touch experience with high sensitivity and accuracy. The technology is also known for its superior optical quality, and it is not affected by dust or debris on the screen surface, making it a more reliable choice in environments where cleanliness may be an issue.

    No Ghost Touch

    To ensure ultimate accuracy and a seamless touch experience, the electrodes responsible for interactivity are protected by being sandwiched between two layers of specially-made protective glass. This helps prevent any unwanted or “phantom” touches.

    4K Compatible

    Providing a comprehensive solution, a lockable wall mount is included at no additional cost with this product. This mount allows you to securely install the screen in either landscape or portrait orientation, providing a versatile setup.

    Internal Locker

    If you need to operate the screen using an external device. There is an option to place a small PC or media player inside a lockable compartment. These devices can then be connected to the display through HDMI, VGA or 3.5mm audio inputs.

    Upgrade available for Network connectivity

    For an additional cost, it is possible to upgrade the screen to have network connectivity. This upgrade allows the screen to connect via Wi-Fi, LAN or 4G, giving you the ability to remotely update it over the internet.

    Option for customisation available

    If you require a non-standard solution, we offer the option for custom-made displays. This includes the ability to add upgrades such as a camera or touch screen, or modifying existing models to include a 4G module for mobile connectivity or a vinyl logo/wrap.


    The interactivity is controlled by electrodes that are protected by two layers of special glass to prevent false touches, providing optimal precision and a smooth touch experience.

    The most advanced projected capacitive technology available offers the most responsive and sensitive touch experience, as well as exceptional visual quality. Unlike alternative touch technologies, PCAP is not impacted by dust or debris on the screen surface.

    • 2500cd/m² Brightness
    • Weather Proof
    • Vandal Proof
    • Smart Temperature Control System
    • Steel Enclosure
    • Anti Reflective Glass
    • Wide Viewing Angle
    • Ambient Light Sensor
    • 24/7 Usage
    • Plug and Play
    • Network Upgrade Available
    • Touch Upgrade Available
    • Free Wall Mount


    No accessories listed