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    AVer DL30  Camera Pan, Tilt, and Zoom.

    When distance learning and hybrid classrooms are the new normal, the AVer DL30 is a must-have solution for online education. With the DL30 connected to a laptop, you can present freely
    onstage while livestreaming so students can learn no matter where they are. Teachers don’t need to be camera shy anymore—they can just be themselves and teach how they want thanks
    to the DL30 tracking camera!


    AVer DL30 PTZ Camera

    Perfect for Online & Offline Education

    Simple controls and plug-and-play connectivity are the LIVE biggest advantages of the DL30, which is ideal for installing in every classroom. Students tuned in remotely and those present in the classroom can see each other and learn together like they would if they were in the same room.
    Enhance student engagement and interaction, and easily create distance learning and hybrid learning environments.

    12X Optical Zoom

    The DL30 is equipped with a 12X optical zoom that operates smoothly without distorting the image. It clearly presents the classroom blackboard panorama and medium, close-up, and long-distance shots of the teacher, providing stable shooting capability while maintaining detailed quality. With the DL30 running the show, teachers no longer need to suppress their creativity in hybrid environments!

    AI-Powered Human Detection

    AVer’s renowned Human Detection automatically recognizes human forms in the classroom and dynamically tracks specific targets or areas via multiple tracking modes. The target doesn’t need to wear any devices or sensors to maintain tracking. Even far-site students can clearly follow the teacher’s every move.

    Presenter Mode

    Superb tracking and anti-interference functions allow teachers to move freely in the classroom. Instructors can adjust the tracking settings, stream, and record to make their teaching more substantive and vivid. To change the tracking target, users can simply click one button on the remote control.

    Zone Mode

    Accurate segmented tracking clearly shows content on the blackboard or screen, automatically switching the tracking area according to the teacher's position. Content and the presenter are displayed at the same time so students can understand notes for key points at a glance.

    Hybrid Mode

    Hybrid Mode provides the utmost freedom of movement for performing artists. Preset effective areas for Zone Tracking in advance, and once you step into those areas, you will be targeted together with the content. When you are outside, you are just like in Presenter Mode.


    • Brackets: PN 60S5000000AB
    • M3 X 6 mm Screws (x3): PN 100AAAAAAAKW
    • 1/4"-20L 7.5 mm Screw (x3): PN 100AAAAAAAKW