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    The Avocor W Series has integrated features and performance to help keep people connected. It’s ideal for focus rooms, small meeting spaces, and learning environments, as well as corporate and home offices. Both the Microsoft Teams-certified 65” WCD – AVW-6555 and the 55”, all-in-one AVW-5555 offer an integrated, high-quality conference camera with a microphone array. The audio is optimized for use with UC platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, making the Avocor W Series ideal for creating the perfect video collaboration environment.

    W series displays are Microsoft Azure certified, with IoT sensors connected to the Azure platform, providing useful business intelligence on meeting space. Room usage and environmental data, including presence detection, room temperature, humidity, and light conditions, can all be reported contributing to space users’ well-being.

    AVW-6555 Windows collaboration display

    Windows collaboration display, the next generation of interactive display for seamless meetings, and perfect teamwork.

    Windows collaboration displays are the ideal teamwork tools, answering some of the meeting spaces’ everyday challenges around start time and pairing. With innovative features including single-cable Type-C BYOM connectivity and IoT sensors to measure room well-being and usage, the Avocor AVW-6555 is the world’s first and only interactive display certified for Microsoft Teams, delivering the power of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to room-scale.

    Teams productivity using a Windows collaboration display elevates to new heights when files, conversations, tools, and contacts that originate on a team member’s desktop move seamlessly to the large display for a group collaboration that is a frictionless experience.


    Avocor W Series Features

    • Type-C connectivity delivers a single-cable connection to the display and its mic, speakers, camera, laptop power and Ethernet
    • Exceptional inking with the latest InGlass touch technology
    • Certified partner for Microsoft Azure Digital Twins IoT platform integration
    • Optically bonded, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint glass for enhanced group collaboration
    • All-in-one solution with integrated video and audio capabilities out of the box
    • 65" Certified with Microsoft Teams
    • Available in 55” and 65”, ideal for smaller spaces and home offices

    Avocor W Series features


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    Avocor W Series

    See attached datasheet for Avocor W Series 65"


    The Avocor AVW-5555 is an all-in-one video conferencing touch display that enhances collaboration and productivity. Featuring built-in loT Digital Twins sensors, the W series measures environmental data that can be analysed, in real-time, offering a simple way to gain valuable analysis about meeting room utilization. The single Type-C cable solution combines an integrated, high-quality conference camera, 40W conference room audio and far-field microphone array, optimized for use with UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, creating a seamless video collaboration environment. The AVW-5555 also features an OPS slot allowing for 4k video@60Hz.

    The single Type-C cable solution delivers a frustration free-user experience to get meetings started quickly and simply. Smart switching ensures that there is no more struggling to find input sources. The cable provides hardwire ethernet connection and powers the connected device at the same time. When the device leaves the room, so does the on-screen content.

    Connect and engage with colleagues regardless of location through the integrated, conference-grade camera and stereo speakers. The active, far-field microphone array allows the display to connect with a variety of UC based softwares, delivering the ultimate video collaboration environment for the focus room.

    Built-in sensors that connect to Azure loT Digital Twins platform, measuring environmental data such as room temperature and ambient light, enabling real-time adjustments and future room planning.

    Azure Sphere is a secured, high-level application platform with built-in communication and security features for internet-connected devices.

    Avocor’s all-in-one 55” display is out-of-the-box ready for collaboration and videoconferencing in focus rooms, executive offices and home offices.


    Avocor W Series Accessories

    • AVOCOR I5 GEN 10 OPS
    • AVOCOR I7 GEN 10 OPS