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    The intelligent collaboration camera

    IQ delivers a video meeting experience like no other, with 150° wide-angle video, an embedded microphone array and ground breaking AI capabilities.

    Smarter video.  Better meetings.

    An onboard neural engine allows IQ to see, understand and respond to its environment in real time. IQ takes away the need to control the camera by automating the user experience in smart new ways.

    Perfect framing.  Always.

    With Genius Framing, IQ can detect the people in its 150° wide-angle field of view and respond by automatically framing them, ensuring that you can focus on what really matters.

    Advanced data. Better decisions.

    IQ gives organizations crucial insights into how their meeting spaces are being used, with high-quality analytics data accessible via the Huddly InSights API.

    Your camera only gets better from here.

    IQ is designed to get even smarter over time with updates, enhancements and new Genius feature releases.

    Everyone heard.  Loud and clear.

    IQ’s software-enhanced embedded microphone array delivers optimal vocal clarity, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

    Constantly evolving.  Built to learn.

    IQ is an edge-based Deep Learning platform that is designed to get even smarter over time with software enhancements and new Genius feature releases.

    Any platform.  Anywhere.

    USB-powered and compatible with any platform, IQ is perfect for small huddle rooms, medium size meeting rooms and open collaboration spaces. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.


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