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    The VP−778 is a versatile presentation matrix switcher/scaler that can be set up as a single 4K output (4K@30Hz UHD [3840×2160]), or as a dual HD scaler with the ability to display two images simultaneously.

    It can scale and output to two independent HDMI outputs, each with a parallel HDBaseT output. The device includes both analogue and embedded audio inputs and outputs, as well as audio DSP features.

    It also has two microphone inputs and digital & analogue balanced stereo and amplified speaker outputs. The VP−778 can be controlled using built-in web pages, RS-232, and IR remote control.

    Pix Perfect™ Scaling

    is a state-of-the-art technology developed by Kramer.

    K-IIT XL™ Picture-in-Picture Image Insertion Technology

    allows for ultra-stable display of multiple images such as picture-in-picture, picture-and-picture, and split-screen.

    Seamless Video Switching

    allows for the ability to switch between video sources with options such as swap or follow (transition type) and cut or fade (transition effect).

    Dual Scalers feature “live”

    seamless transitions with the ability to output to two independent displays simultaneously.

    • Each channel has 8 input buttons.
    • The Main and PiP windows can be customized in overlay mode.
    • Projection Setups can be done in various orientations such as Front, back, ceiling front, and ceiling back.
    • Output Resolutions can reach up to 4K@30Hz UHD (3840×2160) in single-window mode, as well as HDTV and computer graphics resolutions, with the ability to select refresh rates.
    • The device has multiple input options, including HDMI, VGA, YUV, or CV on two DVI-U inputs, as well as 4 HDMI and 2 HDBaseT inputs.
    • The device features two user buttons that can be programmed to send serial commands.
    • The device has a Serial Comms Matrix feature, which allows for up to eight sets of configurable one-way connections for passing serial data from source to destination.
    • The device uses HDBaseT™ Technology, which has a maximum data rate of 6.75Gbps (2.25Gbps per graphic channel).
    • The system range using HDBaseT™ is up to 130m (430ft) in normal mode, and up to 180m (590ft) in ultra-mode (1080p @60Hz @24bpp) when using BC-UNIKAT cables.


    The device has audio features such as balanced stereo audio inputs, two microphone inputs, digital stereo and balanced stereo outputs, the ability to adjust audio level for inputs/outputs, and audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) capabilities.

    • Built-in 2x10W Power Amplifier - Speaker outputs on a 4-pin terminal block connector.
    • The device has microphone features such as the ability to use talkover or mix modes.
    • The device has an auto switching feature that automatically scans inputs based on predefined priority, and selects the first live input found or the last connected.
    • The device has Audio-Follow-Video (AFV) and Breakaway capabilities.
    • The device has advanced de-interlacing features such as 3D comb filtering, film mode, diagonal correction, and motion detection.
    • The device allows for the selection of multiple aspect ratios.
    • The device has a built-in Proc-Amp feature that includes enhanced functions such as colour correction, gamma, dither, and noise reduction.
    • The device has power management modes that help save energy and reduce costs.
    • HDCP Compliance.
    • The device has the capability of Luma and Chroma-Keying.
    • The device has advanced EDID Management, that allows to set native resolution and colour depth modeline per input.
    • The device has built-in test patterns that can be used for screen setup and alignment.
    • The device has an Output EDID Analysis feature that helps to achieve optimal scaling.
    • Input & Output colour space control.
    • HDMI Deep colour.
    • On-Screen Display (OSD) provides easy setup and adjustment.
    • The device has Non-Volatile Memory that keeps the settings even when powered off.
    • The device can have its firmware upgraded through a USB memory stick input.
    • The device offers various control options, including front panel buttons, an Ethernet web page, RS-485, IR, and RS-232 serial commands which can be transmitted by a touch screen system, PC, or other serial controller.


    • 3.5mm Male to IR Receiver Cable