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    Newline Chromebox A10 OS will turn your Newline interactive display into a giant Chrome OS computer

    Newline Chromebox A10 OS connects you to everything great about Google for your learning environment. Connect to the Google Play and download thousands of apps. Google’s suite of apps, such as Google Classroom and Slides, all come pre-loaded, along with Google Chrome browser. Everything you can do on a Chromebook, you can now do right on your interactive display.

    • Have the full power of Google in your classroom.
    • The power of Google in your space
    • Pre-Loaded G Suite
    • 4K Ultra-High Def
    • Chrome OS
    • Built-in WiFi
    • Google Mobile Services Certified.
    • Bright and vivid 4K
    • Google Play Access
    • Connect to the Cloud


    Newline Chromebox A10 OS Features

    Pre-Loaded G Suite

    No need to download Google Classroom, Slides, or Docs - they're already there!

    4K Ultra-High Def

    Bring your content to life with 4K super high resolution playback. Access thousands of apps on Google Play. Use any available app in your classroom.

    Chrome OS

    Use the fast, simple, and secure computer operating system built by Google.​

    Built-in WiFi

    Setup is easy to connect to the Google Drive and the Internet.


    The Newline Chromebox A10 is Google Mobile Services Certified.

    Add the Power of Google Classroom

    The Newline Chromebox A10 comes pre-loaded with Google Classroom and G Suite for Education. Manage lessons and content for students all through a streamlined process – no need for additional devices, just the Chromebox and your interactive touch display.

    Bright and vivid 4K

    Bring you lessons to life with attention grabbing 4K Ultra-High definition playback. Use all the latest Google apps on a beautiful 4K display. Make the most of your bright and vivid display by using a Chromebox designed to provide best-in-class visuals.

    Google Play Access

    Explore a world of options on Google Play. Download your favorite apps onto your Chromebox and interact with them on the large interactive touch display. Use your favorite apps right on your interactive display.

    Connect to the Cloud

    Sign in with your Google Drive account and get instant access to all of your files. Save right to your Drive through the Chromebox so you never forget any notes or content.


    Download Specifications Sheet

    Newline Chromebox A10 OS Specifications

    Newline Chromebox A10
    Operating System Chrome OS
    Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K)
    CPU Intel Kaby Lake
    GPU Intel HD graphics, integrated on CPU
    Memory Dual channel 4G/DDR4L
    Storage SSD 32G
    Wireless WiFi 802.11ac / Bluetooth 4.2
    Power DC Adapter 19V
    Weight 1.7 kg
    Dimensions 213 x 147 x 32 mm


    Newline Chromebox A10 OS Accessories

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