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    Newline’s goal is to make touchscreen use and integration in the classroom as easy and natural as possible, allowing teachers to focus on teaching the way they want and providing students with the necessary help.

    The whiteboard app is one of the most used tools within the classroom.

    Newline’s Whiteboard 

    • Easy to use – just turn on the power of the display, and the whiteboard is ready to use
    • No need to connect a computer
    • Simply login with the QR code to save annotations quickly into your Google Drive
    • Import images – from the web straight into the whiteboard
    • Open documents
    • Use maths tools
    • Use sticky notes and lots more!
    • You can also split the whiteboard in up to 3 parts with individual toolbars
    • The annotation tools of the whiteboard can be used separately over your lesson

    Free Software Tools & Apps

    • Whiteboard
    • Cast
    • Broadcast
    • Engage
    • App Store
    • Classroom Tools
    • ReactivSuite
    • Display Management

    All of Newline’s packaging is 100% fully recyclable. 


    • Broad Compatibility
    • High Quality Sound System
    • Wide Range of sizes - 55"/65"/75"/86"/98"
    • Enhanced Wifi 6 & Bluetooth 5.0
    • 65W Powered USB Type-C
    • Secure Multi User Profiles
    • Embedded Blue Light Filter


    Antimicrobial Glass

    Antimicrobial glass is important because it can help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. This is achieved by incorporating silver ions into the glass, which have been shown to be effective at killing a wide range of microorganisms. Additionally, antimicrobial glass can also help to reduce the need for cleaning and disinfecting, which can save time and money.


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