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    Designed for mid-size spaces up to 25′ x 25′ (7.6 x 7.6 m), the HDL300 system provides true full-room pickup so everyone can be heard in meetings. It’s a budget-friendly, DIY package that features easy installation and continuous autocalibration.


    It’s all on the wall

    The HDL300 system has the key audio conferencing system elements in an integrated wall-mounted unit. You get the audio performance you need without desktop clutter or an expensive, intrusive installation of a mic array and speakers.

    Amazing pickup. DIY simplicity.

    8,192 virtual microphones
    Nureva™ Microphone Mist™ technology fills a room with virtual microphones, so you can hear people anywhere in a meeting room.


    Easy installation

    You can install the HDL300 system in less than 30 minutes – faster than the time it takes to get a pizza. No installer to hire. Almost no downtime.


    With continuous autocalibration, your room is always ready. Even if you move the furniture or change the style of meeting – you’re set.

    Microphone Mist technology

    Patented Microphone Mist technology is the brains behind the HDL300 system. While traditional beamforming and tabletop omnidirectional systems leave dead zones where people can’t be heard, Microphone Mist technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones to deliver true full-room pickup. For the first time, team members can be heard no matter where they move in the room or which direction they face.


    Works how you work

    While most audio conferencing systems only provide adequate pickup for team members seated at a table, the HDL300 system is designed for virtually any room configuration.

    Available in black or white. Discreet design for almost any space.


    • Powerful system processors capable of executing 15,000 MIPS
    • Continuous autocalibration
    • Acoustic echo cancellationBuilt-in sound masking
    • Position-based automatic gain control (AGC)
    • Plug and play, no software or drivers required
    • Integrated, multicolor status LED
    • Compatible with leading UC&C platforms
    • Single cable, power over Ethernet
    • Primary audio source for video playback
    • Available in black or white



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