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    Projector Plate SUPM-A gives you easy installation for heavy projectors

    Projector Plate SUPM-A ‘slide-in’ mechanism allows the mounting plate to be fitted at ground level and slid into place.

    Eliminates the issue of holding heavy projectors in place, allowing for an easier installation process.

    The large number of fixing holes cut into the Pluto SecurPlate provides versatility, enabling the device to accommodate for the positions of mounting holes on the majority of projector types, eliminating the extra cost and inconvenience of special fixings.

    The device is integrated with our innovative swivel-ball mechanism that enables the mounted projector to be rotated through 360° and tilted up to 35° in all directions.  When in use, full functionality of the projector is retained.


    Projector Plate SUPM-A Features

    • Drill resistant locks.
    • Integrated with our innovative swivel-ball mechanism (360° rotation / 35° tilt).
    • Large number of fixing holes for versatility.
    • Attaches to a standard 50mm(D) column.
    • Mounting holes accommodates the majority of projector models/types.
    • Choice of standard paint finishes.


    Projector Plate SUPM-A Specifications

    Medium (105-SUPM-2A)

    • Projector mounting centres: 260mm(W) x 240mm(D)
    • Mounting plate overall size: 296mm(W) x 276mm(D) x 210mm(H)
    • MAXIMUM Load: 20kg

    Large (105-SUPM-3A)

    • Projector mounting centres: 310mm(W) x 285mm(D)
    • Mounting plate overall size: 346mm(W) x 326mm(D) x 210mm(H)
    • MAXIMUM Load: 20kg


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