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    When you purchase the Promethean ActivPanel 9, you get access to Promethean’s powerful educational software solutions, ActivInspire and ClassFlow, at no additional cost. Both software are created and supported by Promethean and do not require a subscription. This allows you to deliver interactive lessons with ease.

    The ActivPanel 9 allows for flexible teaching methods by providing various connectivity options and computing options, making it a convenient and central hub for the classroom.

    By using a USB-C cable, audio, video, touch interactivity, and charging can all be achieved through a single connection.

     Robust software for effectively delivering lessons

    Promethean’s ActivPanel comes with powerful, subscription-free educational software solutions: ActivInspire and ClassFlow. These software options allow for interactive lesson delivery.

    Ability to use various computing options

    The ActivConnect OPS-M allows for an all-in-one large-format Windows experience on the ActivPanel for customers using the Microsoft ecosystem. For customers using Chrome OS, the Promethean Chromebox offers certified access to apps from the Google Play Store and extends the existing Chrome OS ecosystem to the ActivPanel.



    ActivPanel 9 premium, equipped with Promethean's patented ActivSync technology, is the only interactive panel that removes digital limitations between devices and improves connectivity.


    Promethean's profile guarantees the safety and confidentiality of personal data by providing enhanced security and sign-in options, ensuring that the data is not stored on the panel but in your personal profile.


    ActivPanel 9 Premium's user-friendly design and intuitive interface empowers teachers and inspires students to learn.


    ActivPanel 9 Premium helps to ensure fair educational opportunities for students by providing them with the best possible learning experiences in any setting.


    ActivePanel 9 Premium is built to sustain in the classroom and last for a long time, it's an investment that will prove to be a worthwhile.




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    Available in 65" 4K, 75" 4K, and 86" 4K.


    Education Software Licence 

    ActivInspire ® Professional