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    smots™ Mobile Trolley Medical Camera New Innovative Design – smoother, quieter, easier cleaning

    smots™ Mobile Trolley Medical Camera was developed in consultation with clinicians to give a highly flexible solution where fixed cameras were inappropriate and ultimate mobility
    was required.

    With a solid, robust design it has been engineered to enable it to cope in a wide variety of situations and environments and is even capable of being safely transported across a hospital car park.

    Typically two or three of these smots™ Mobile Trolley units will supplement the Fixed Installation in most facilities with some centres having more than 60 smots(tm) fixed and mobile units.

    Simply plug the trolley into a power source, connect to a network point and instantly you are connected to the main smots(tm) Control Centre where video and two way audio communication can be controlled by the clinician whilst recording everything and all Images are in Real Time.

    Camera is remotely controlled for Pan Tilt and 30 x Zoom with full HD 1080P resolution allowing even more digital zoom if needed. The trolley comes complete with a Detachable Microphone and a 10 Metre Extension to place it exactly where it is needed.

    • Silent Electric Camera Lift Adjustment
    • Access Arm Flip For Extended View And Height Over The Operating Table Or Task Area
    • Stainless Steel For Easy Clean And Robust Performance Talkback Audio
    • Quick Access Panels For Cleaning And Maintenance
    • Soft Quiet Wheels
    • Built To Last

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    smots™ Mobile Trolley Medical Camera Features

    Record for instant playback

    Current applications include use in:

    • Mobile Simulation Scenarios including emergency services vehicles (ambulances etc).
    • Operating Theatre Links connect viewing audiences.
    • Lecture Theatre Scenarios including link ups to further afield locations (using smots™ Live).
    • Connection to Standard Medical Equipment including daVinci™ and CMR Robotic Units, Scopes, Laparoscopic Cameras & Operating Light Cameras.
    • Observation and Viewing Multiple Theatres for use when running concurrent operating procedures.
    • In the field Real Life Simulations for use at street level.
    • Specialist or Restricted Access Environments including Mortuaries, Intensive Care, Paediatric Wards, etc.
    • Military Applications Including Field Hospitals

    Brand New Features

    • Ultra quiet electric lift with safety stop
    • Soft Cushion Wheels for smooth video when moving
    • New and Improved Stainless Steel Trolley Design
    • Expanded Cable Management Tidy Hoops (for 10m microphone, video, data, power, and network cables).
    • Improved Transportability (Easy glide handle and can be moved in van/ambulance or even estate car with a PAT slide!
    • Easy use ACCESS ARM- just flip over, always in position (takes camera and microphone around 650mm forward from the main trolley)
    • Auxilliary patient voice speaker
    • HD Input(s) as needed


    smots™ Mobile Trolley Medical Camera Specifications

    Mechanical Dimensions

    • Camera lens height Lowered: 1100mm
    • Camera lens height Raised:2100mm
    • Camera lens on Arm: 2550mm
    • Maximum reach: 800mm
    • Overall height lowered 1300mm
    • Weight: 45_+Kg
    • Footprint: 540mm x 540mm


    • IEC 3 pin power
    • XLR 3 pin microphone
    • RJ45 Network
    • DVI HD Multiway connector
    • Line/Speaker audio output


    smots™ Mobile Trolley Medical Camera Optional Accessories

    It is the options that can make the big difference so don’t forget things like radio headset microphones, extra auxilliary inputs, smots™ virtual audio mixer for your new smots™ trolley.

    • HD Mobile Trolley for Specialist Applications
    • High definition 1080p ptz camera
    • Auxilliary inputs for high definition theatre cameras
    • Compatible with Cardiac Catheter Lab monitors
    • Compatible with all leading endoscopic systems
    • Compatible with Da Vinci robotic system

    smots™ Trolley Product Range

    • SC7400 New HD mobile trolley, full 1080p
    • SC7401 New HD mobile trolley, full 1080p with auxiliary HD input.
    • SC7402 New HD mobile trolley, full 1080p with dual auxiliary inputs.