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    TOP-TEC Synergy Furniture

    Top-Tech SYNERGY, is a collaborative desks range, designed to provide users with a dynamic and interactive solution. The collaborative desks are fully AV and IT integrated and meets the high standard expected from educational furniture today.

    Table shape selection is key, since the interaction of user’s changes depends upon whether the group or screen has primary focus. The SYNERGY range, of collaborative desks, offers distinct table shapes all designed to fit specific user requirements. They range from a two-person huddle space to a 20-seat classroom. The variety of shapes available allow for flexible working, as well as higher levels of engagement.

    The SYNERGY collaborative desks range offers a height adjustable model which can be adjusted to suit users with special height requirements. It is also perfect for those that simply would like the option to present to the group, from the HA area of the table.


    TOP-TEC Synergy Furniture Features

    Collaboration is key!
    Creating active learning environments to enhance student collaboration.

    Communicate & share ideas
    Our table shapes help promote discussion and enhance engagement.

    Tamper proof solution
    Keep cables locked away, eliminating any potential tampering.

    Facilitates seamless AV/IT integration
    Complete cable management creates an 'all-in-one' solution.

    Make it your own
    We can colour match to meet any of your branding requirements.


    TOP-TEC Synergy Furniture Specifications

    • Plectrum (6 & 9 seat)
    • Plectrum Reverse (3, 5 & 7 seat)
    • Quad (4-20 seat)
    • Blade (4-12 seat)
    • Teardrop (2 & 6 seat
    • Height adjustable versions available


    Model                                     Width (mm)         Height (Max) (mm)                  Depth (mm)

    Synergy HA     

    5                                                 1440                         730 (HA Panel: 730-1140)                     2265

    7                                                 1440                         730 (HA Panel: 730-1140)                     2988


    Synergy 'Sit-Stand' 

    BLADE (6-seat)                    1420                          740-1000                                                   2380

    QUAD (6-seat)                      1020                          740-1000                                                  2502

    QUAD (8-seat)                      1020                          740-1000                                                  3190


    TOP-TEC Synergy Furniture Accessories

    • Non-standard paint, worktop & edge banding finishes
    • Bespoke connectivity options
    • Under desk rack unit (8U / 10U / 12U)
    • Worktop power module
    • Dual screen mount
    • Camera mount
    • Sound bar bracket
    • Extended neck
    • Screen shroud
    • ‘Shark-nose’ worktop edge