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    TOP-TEC Tucana Furniture range is a series of highly configurable bench style desks specifically designed for group ICT workspaces.

    Each desk boasts a simple yet elegant design, featuring an optional end panel available with a range of colour finishes and branding options.

    The range can be adapted and scaled to fit a variety of room requirements and is ideal for maximising the use out of any learning space such as narrow work areas or corridors where space is limited and normally left unused.

    Each desk unit includes integrated cable ports and a centralised cable tray running underneath the entirety of the work surface, helping vastly improve cable management

    Configured for you
    Desks can be configured and arranged to fit a variety of room shapes and requirements

    Complete cable management
    Integrated central cable cavity running underneath entirety of the desk improves cable management

    Tamper proof solution
    All cables are concealed & locked away within the table, eliminating any tampering from students


    TOP-TEC Tucana Furniture Features

    • Available as single & two-sided sections
    • Choice of standard paint, worktop & edge banding finishes
    • Worktops are supplied with a thickness of 40mm
    • Centralised cable tray running underneath the entirety of the work surface
    • Integrated cable grommets (can be supplied without if required)
    • A-frame as standard


    TOP-TEC Tucana Furniture Specifications

    Single sided

    • 1-person mid-section | square – square | 800x750x730
    • 1-person end-section | square – round | 900x750x730
    • 1-person standalone-section | round – round | 1000x750x730
    • 2- person mid-section | square – square |1600x750x730
    • 2- person end -section | square – round | 1700x750x730
    • 2- person standalone section | round – round | 1800x750x730

    Double Sided

    • 2- person mid-section | square – square | 800x1500x730
    • 2- person end-section | square – round | 900x1500x730
    • 2- person standalone-section | round – round | 1000x1500x730
    • 4-person mid-section | square – square | 800x1500x730
    • 4-person end -section | square – round | 900x1500x730
    • 4-person standalone section | round – round | 1000x1500x730

    Single-sided - 750mm(D)                                                                    Two-Sided - 1500mm (D)

    Square end/ Square end                                                            Square end/ Square end 

    1-person mid section - 800mm (W) - T01SS-1M                            2-Person mid section - 800mm (W) - T01TS-2M

    Square end/ Rounded end                                                         Square end/ rounded end

    1-Person end section - 900mm (W) - T01SS-1E                              2-Person end section - 900mm (W) - T01TS-2E

    Rounded end/ Rounded end                                                     Rounded end/Rounded end

    1-Person standalone section - 1000mm (W) - T01SS-1                  2-Person standalone section - 1000mm (W) - T01TS-2

    Square end/ Square end                                                             Square end/ Sqaure end

    2-Person mid section - 1600mm (W) - T01SS-2M                          4-Person mid section - 1600mm (W) - T01TS-4M

    Square end/ Rounded end                                                         Square end/ Rounded end

    2-Person end section - 1700mm (W) - T01SS-2E                            4-Person end section - 1700mm (W) - T01TS-4E

    Rounded end/ Rounded end                                                      Rounded end/ Rounded end

    2-Person standalone section - 1800mm (W) - T01SS-2                  4-Person standalone section - 1800mm (W) - T01TS-4


    TOP-TEC Tucana Furniture Accessories

    • Made-to-measure computer cage (Choice of left or right-hand fitting)
    • Desktop power modules
    • Secure monitor arm options
    • Slab end (at either end of the desk)
    • Vinyl branding (on slab end)
    • Modesty panel (for single rows of desks)
    • Desk partitions
    • Non-standard paint, worktop & edge banding finishes

    TOP-TEC Tucana Furniture allows the option for printed branding, slab end, and vinyl branding.

    A range of finishes available from metalwork, worktop and edge banding.

    Metalwork       Worktop                          Edge Banding 

    Black                     Black                                     Black

    Dark Grey            Dark Grey                            Dark Grey

    Light Grey           Light Grey                            Light Grey

    White                   White                                    White

    Silver                    Maple                                   Silver

    Beech                                   Maple

    Oak                                       Beech

    Walnut (Additional cost)  Oak