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    The Vestel RNB Series Video Wall 

    Remote Control

    A large number of Vestel Video Walls can be managed remotely using RS232 Loop configuration, simplifying the installation process by allowing for simultaneous control and setup of all units through a PC.

    Video Wall Controller Tool

    This new software simplifies the use of Video Walls by providing the ability to set Auto/Manual parameters on individual, multiple, or all selected displays, remotely control through IR simulation or LAN/RS232, and rotate videos and pictures for creative layouts, all on a single application.

    Wall Mount Option

    Vestel offers a Wall Mount option for landscape usage. The Wall Mounts are fully adjustable in all directions, making it easy to place and align the bezels perfectly.

    Eco Design

    Vestel Video Walls are designed to operate at high performance levels while consuming minimal energy. Additionally, Vestel adheres to global standards for reducing harmful substances and minimizing waste products.

    Longer Stability

    Vestel Video Walls are engineered to handle extended periods of operation, featuring a pixel-shifting feature that prevents a static image from becoming permanently displayed on the screen.

    Higher Visibility

    Vestel panels are equipped with anti-reflective treatment to reduce glare under intense light exposure. In addition to glare protection, 700 Nit Video Walls ensure high visibility even in brightly lit environments.

    White Colour Calibration 

    To achieve optimal color uniformity, on-site color calibration is available for maintenance. This leads to a more consistent colour distribution and reduced colour distortion.

    IPS Reliability

    Vestel’s IPS displays provide the clearest image in both landscape and portrait orientations without any image distortion. IPS technology also offers an ultra-wide 178 degree viewing angle, ensuring the most precise image quality.

    Daisy Chain with Display Port or HDMI Option 

    Lower expenses and enhance video quality with Vestel’s Video Wall displays. By utilizing Display Port 1.2a-enabled or HDMI 2.0 screens, Vestel provides a daisy chain solution that reduces the cost of installation, cabling, and maintenance. This daisy-chained monitor setup also guarantees an immersive viewing experience.

    • OPS Compatibility
    • Ultra/Extra/Razor Narrow Bezel
    • Landscape and Portrait Mode
    • Great Picture with Different Brightness Option
    • Real ultra HD Resolution 



    • Videowall setup with Daisy-Chain
    • Open Content Management Support
    • Manual Fine Colour Calibration
    • Videowall Scheduler
    • Auto-Launch
    • Auto-switch on Failover
    • Panel Lock



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