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    Vestel Video Walls create a powerful visual experience.

    Illustrate video content more smoothly with the least amount of visual interference.

    Reduce the gap between each display. Vestel’s designs help to create a seamless overall on-screen image with 3.5 mm, 1.8 mm and 0.88 mm bezel to bezel gaps.

    • Real Ultra HD Resolution
    • High Haze Panel
    • Landscape and Portrait Mode
    • Ultra / Extra / Razor Narrow Bezel
    • OPS Compatibility
    • Daisy Chain with Display Port or HDMI Option
    • IPS Reliability
    • White Color Calibration
    • Higher Visibility
    • Longer Stability
    • Wall Mount Option
    • Eco Design
    • Video Wall Controller Tool
    • Remote Control


    Vestel Display Wall Features

    Real Ultra HD Resolution
    Get real UHD resolution with large size video wall displays.

    High Haze Panel
    Create a seamless and striking visual experience with high haze LCD video wall displays. Increase the content visibility and text readability with 25% high haze panels, even in lighting conditions.

    Landscape and Portrait Mode
    Use video wall displays with landscape or portrait mode. Vestel’s 24/7 professional displays not only allow for installation in portrait mode, but also for additional display protection. The displays’ Pixel Shifting feature reduces the risk of any onscreen image sticking.

    Ultra / Extra / Razor Narrow Bezel
    Reduce the gap between each display. Vestel’s designs help to create a seamless overall on-screen image with 3.5 mm, 1.8 mm and 0.88 mm bezel to bezel gaps.

    OPS Compatibility
    Add an optional OPS slot for LCD video walls to disable the usage of external media player. Connect the OPS to first display with HDMI/DP, and perform HDMI/DP daisy chain structure between the video wall elements.

    Daisy Chain with Display Port or HDMI Option
    Reduce cost and maximize video quality with using Display Port 1.2a or HDMI 2.0. Vestel offers a daisy chain solution that cuts the cost of installation, cabling and maintenance.

    IPS Reliability
    Vestel IPS displays present the most clear image in both landscape and portrait orientation without any image distortion. IPS also provides 178o ultra-wide viewing angle, displaying the most accurate image quality.

    White Color Calibration
    For managing color uniformity with highest performance, color calibration has been made available for on-site maintenance. This results in the most clear color and minimized color distortion.

    Higher Visibility
    Vestel panels come with anti-reflective treatment to decrease glare under strong light exposure. Aside from glare protection, 500 Nits VWs ensure higher-visibility even under direct sun light.

    Longer Stability
    Vestel VWs are able to tolerate longer hours of operation, equipped with pixel-shifting feature toprevent a fixed image from sticking on the screen.

    Wall Mount Option
    Vestel presents the Wall Mount option for landscape usage. Vestel Wall mounts are able to move in all possible directions making it easy to place and align the bezels perfectly.

    Eco Design
    Vestel VWs are made to operate at lower energy usage while performing at high levels. Also, Vestel follows the worldwide standards for limiting harmful substances and eliminating waste products.

    Video Wall Controller Tool
    Ease to use of LCD video walls with Video Wall Controller Tool.
    Remote control by IR Simulation or LAN/RS232 Control,
    Video and Picture rotation for Informal Layouts on one tool.

    Remote Control
    Any number of Vestel VWs can be remotely controlled over RS232 Loop configuration. This eases the installation of all VW displays by controlling and configuring the units via PC at the same time.


    Vestel LED Wall Specifications

    Pixel Pitch

    Module Resolution (W x H)

    Pixel Configuration
    1R, 1G, 1B - 1515 SMD

    Brightness (Nits)
    800 nit

    Cabinet Resolution (W × H)

    Cabinet Surface Area (m²)

    Color Temperature

    Viewing Angle
    >160° x 160°

    Service Access
    Back & Front

    Video Frame Rate (Hz)

    Refresh Rate (Hz)

    HDR Compatibility


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