Bespoke Kiosks for Groundhog

Groundhog requested bespoke kiosks to support employee productivity with manufacturing designs.

The Bespoke Kiosks for Groundhog are used for timetabling, showcasing the quality of units, and holding staff accountable for their work by tracking which staff member worked on each project.

We visited Groundhog in Aberdulais, Neath to catch up with Matthew Barnes, Design Engineer for Groundhog, to review how the bespoke kiosks for Groundhog are been received.

Comcen Sales Account Manager, Karen, worked with Matthew to provide affordable hard-wearing kiosks for the factory floor and boardroom. Groundhog units provide on-site needs within a small package with eco options. “Working towards a Zero Carbon Future” -Groundhog

“Karen saved us time; I wouldn’t know where to start!”

The in-house team wrote the software for the seven kiosks, allowing the business to precisely meet its unique needs. Matthew emphasised their goal and motivation on becoming paperless in the future. The Kiosks support the move to digital transformation. Groundhog chose Comcen following on from a recommendation at a previous exhibition event when showcasing a flip touchscreen. The kiosks are eye level to the employees on the factory floor and are proactive in functionality.

One of the kiosks is in use to view product design drawings on the Hoghub, to cut the part shapes accurately inhouse. Furthermore, Groundhog uses the kiosks for growing specifications of 60,000 parts which also records errors on designs, minimising waste, and scrap.

“Overtime the kiosks will pay for themselves improving internal investment”

The designs bend on the press machines with 10-12 sheets per unit with everything starting from the kiosk screen.

“We are motivated to get all the screens on the factory shop floor and look to have a screen on each department in the future, with more screens for the machines. The team can access drawings, and will drive stock into the future. Having the kiosk screens reduces errors and help increases ROI”

One of the crucial requests in the list to Karen was for hard-wearing screens which had to be dust proof and shock proof, suitable for the factory floor.

Karen understood the working environment “I didn’t have to do much thinking, Karen sorted everything.”

“The benefits are great, and we save money as much as possible. No complaints, Karen was a massive help. I sent an extensive list to Karen and she sourced solutions which was a big help”

USB ports connect to the kiosks in this case, enabling the use of a physical keyboard when touchscreen is not in use. The design office in Groundhog manages and monitors the storage displayed on the kiosks.

Bespoke kiosks for Groundhog sourced by Comcen helps limit design office issues, making it easier.

Another kiosk is additionally in use for the Groundhog boardroom and moves to shows for customers to view Groundhogs work.

“It was nice that their marketing company recommend me to them, and I was glad to supply the screen and enclosure with the following attributes: it offers exceptional colour performance, high contrast and wide viewing angles. Features a metal housing with a 60950-1 ball-drop proof, scratch-resistant, edge-to-edge glass,  installs in the most demanding environments.

Enclosure  IP63 Protects from total dust ingress. Which protect against water spray and less than 60 degrees from vertical. – Karen Kenny, Sales Account Manager, Comcen

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Groundhog Bespoke Kiosks

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