Pembrokeshire College’s Technology Refresh and New Panel Training

Comcen AV recently undertook a significant project at Pembrokeshire College, a leading Further Education institution. The project was aimed at enhancing its educational environment through a comprehensive college technology refresh. This project, structured under the Welsh Government Framework for IT Products and Services, involved replacing outdated projector systems with cutting-edge interactive display panels, signifying a substantial step towards digital transformation in education.

Pembrokeshire College’s primary requirement was the replacement of 90 projectors and whiteboards with 75” interactive display panels. The college sought to modernise its teaching facilities with technology that offered high-resolution, touchscreen capabilities, compatibility with various operating systems and robust audio-visual features. Additionally, the installation process had to be environmentally conscious, with a focus on repurposing or sustainable disposal of old equipment.

College Technology Refresh Services

Comcen’s tailored service package for Pembrokeshire College ensured a smooth technology update, focusing on collaboration to address specific needs and enhance functionality. Utilising free surveys and a roadmap traffic light system, we provided bespoke solutions that aligned with the college’s goals, combining special pricing and strategic planning, including Gantt charts, for cost-effectiveness and timely execution.

Our partnership with Promethean streamlined the delivery of panels, with careful monitoring of stock levels and schedules for efficient distribution. Meticulous scheduling and strategic batch deliveries by our installation services minimised disruptions, adhering to strict deadlines while conducting quality checks to ensure top performance. Emphasising sustainability, we aimed to repurpose old equipment, aligning with environmental goals. This comprehensive approach covered planning, delivery, installation and eco-friendly disposal, highlighting our commitment to enhancing educational experiences and operational efficiency in the education sector.

Trevor Tucker, IT Services Team Leader from Pembrokeshire College praised the punctuality, efficiency and tidiness of Comcen’s installers, noting the accessible and responsive customer service provided by their Account Manager. “I would definitely recommend Comcen, largely due to my exceptional rapport with Account Manager, Frank Lynch, and their knack for identifying the perfect solutions for Pembrokeshire College,” he said.

Our service package includes extensive training for Pembrokeshire College staff, starting at the Digi-Fest event with Promethean panels, aimed at boosting teacher confidence and encouraging tech experimentation. Continuous, in-depth training and 24/7 Promethean support ensure optimal tech utilisation for improved teaching and learning experiences.

College Technology Refresh Solutions

The Promethean ActivPanel 9 (AP9) is an interactive display panel designed for educational environments. It incorporates advanced technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences. Below are some key features for teaching:

  • Transform lessons with vivid 4K visuals.
  • Foster teamwork with split-screen and multi-touch interaction.
  • Create immersive lessons with Promethean ActivInspire Software.
  • Beyond whiteboard: screen share, capture and annotate dynamically.
  • Engage students with built-in spinner and timer tools.
  • Quick access to resources with a dedicated Locker on any panel.

“Our goal is to dispel the notion of technological integration as a matter of chance—’luckily, it worked when I turned it on.’ With Promethean, the emphasis is on reliability and user-friendly design, ensuring that educators can approach technology with confidence, not apprehension. We strive to make advanced technology accessible, intuitive, and, above all, effective in its application.” – Kieran Mandell-Wilkins, Business Development and Channel Executive at Promethean

College Technology Refresh Smiles

Trevor Tucker praised Comcen for the adept installation and customer service, emphasising the company’s knack for meeting Pembrokeshire College’s needs. The project enhanced the teaching and learning experience significantly, integrating energy-efficient panels to cut costs and environmental impact. The technology’s modular design supports customisation and future upgrades, delivering great value for IT Managers.

At the Pembrokeshire Digi-Fest, these panels were demonstrated, motivating educators to use new tools for interactive teaching. Comcen and Promethean ensure ongoing training, empowering teachers to improve lessons with advanced, interactive features, opening new horizons in education, as highlighted by Education Solutions Consultant Andy Dark.

Pembrokeshire Digi-Fest Event

The Promethean session was centered on enhancing educational technology engagement. It provided educators with a clear understanding of the reasons behind selecting these specific panels. It introduced participants to the latest in hardware and software innovations, with a particular focus on the ‘ActivInspire’ and ‘Explain Everything’ applications. Additionally, the session highlighted the convenience of direct access to cloud-stored materials. This meant that teachers could facilitate lesson preparation from any location and on any device, thereby eliminating the necessity for physical storage solutions or personal laptops.

“With Promethean, classrooms become arenas of heightened activity, brimming with inspiration, engagement and cooperative learning,” Kieran Mandell-Wilkins continued, emphasising the transformative impact of these technologies on the educational landscape. “Promethean’s innovative hardware and software are designed to nurture meaningful interactions between teachers and students, capturing ideas, igniting imagination and fostering an inspired learning journey.”

Andy Dark also reflected on the success of the event, “Witnessing the spark of inspiration in educators during events like Pembrokeshire’s Digi-Fest is profoundly gratifying. It reaffirms our belief that Promethean technologies are not just tools, but catalysts for invigorating both teaching and learning, breathing new life into educational environments.”

The technology refresh at Pembrokeshire College by Comcen AV, complemented by the insightful training provided at the Digi-Fest event, has not only met the technical requirements but also significantly enhanced the teaching and learning experience, paving the way for a future where technology and education go hand in hand.

Opportunities Lost by Not Refreshing Teaching Technology in Further Education Colleges

  • Reduced Student Engagement: Lacks enhanced interactive learning that fosters student participation effectively.
  • Limited Access to Global Learning: Misses out on broadening educational perspectives with global resources.
  • Conventional Teaching Methods: Forgoes the enrichment of teaching methodologies with multimedia tools.
  • Limited Collaborative Learning: Misses opportunities for encouraging group activities and peer interaction.
  • Disrupted Educational Continuity: Lacks support for remote education options during unforeseen disruptions.
  • Non-Inclusive Education: Fails to increase accessibility for students with disabilities comprehensively.
  • Inefficient Administrative Processes: Misses out on streamlining tasks and managing educational content efficiently.
  • Delayed Feedback and Assessment: Loses the advantage of providing immediate feedback and improvement strategies.
  • Lower Tech Literacy: Forgoes boosting tech literacy among students and staff, essential for future careers.
  • Higher Long-Term Costs and Less Sustainability: Continues incurring higher costs without the benefits of durable, energy-efficient technology.

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