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Enhancing Museum Experiences with LG and BrightSign
Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions

As museums continue to evolve with the latest technologies, outdoor digital signage has become an integral part of enhancing the visitor experience. LG and BrightSign offer robust solutions that provide high-quality, customisable, and durable digital signage displays for museums. With their advanced hardware and software capabilities, these solutions allow museums to showcase their exhibits, events, and programs to visitors in a dynamic and engaging way.

Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales has commissioned 4 x outdoor digital signage screens in two external areas located at the front of the Museum.

“The outdoor digital signage screens inform visitors of opening times, events, and exhibitions. We have limited advertising space outside the building, so these screens make a huge difference to the messaging we can put before our audiences. For example, the advert for our new photographic exhibition is visually attractive. The screens draw attention to what’s on at the museum, whether that’s for people planning to visit or passers-by in this high footfall area of the city.”

– Chris Hardwick, Technical Projects Coordinator, Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales

“The digital signs are networked to the Museum’s Content Management System (CMS), so announcements and temporary promotions are much easier to create and publish to the screens. The screens work in conjunction with our existing digital signage and the BrightSign media players allow content to be authored in portrait which works well for the outdoor screens.”

– Chris Hardwick

Comcen supplied & installed the outdoor LG screens which are bright enough to work in direct sunlight, so viewing is clear in all seasons. The screens will stand the test of time being damage resistant and are weatherproof to withstand the elements. In addition, the Comcen sales team sourced the BrightSign media player and control box for content to be scheduled, organised, and updated remotely.

“Having the outdoor digital signage screens saves time and materials, allowing for immediate coverage, and instant updates. We schedule the screens to operate between 7am & 7pm to save energy and avoid adverse attention at night.”

– Chris Hardwick


“Comcen have managed the installation in collaboration with a 3rd party contractor providing good communication throughout this successful AV integration project.”

– Chris Hardwick

The 55” LG screens are back-to-back in enclosures manufactured by a third party, creating a visual statement for the museum. Stuart assisted the third parties in delivering a screen to them to ensure the screen surrounds could be correctly sized.

BrightSign HD224 media players were sourced and integrated by Comcen into the enclosures to display content on the screens. The BrightSigns, HDMI splitters, and 4-port power extenders were housed in a secondary enclosure within the main frame for added weather protection.

“Bringing the beauty of the museum to life with the installation of outdoor digital signage screens is a true testament to the power of technology to enhance the visitor experience. We’re thrilled to have been a part of this exciting project in Cardiff and hope that museumgoers enjoy the outdoor screens.”

Stuart Morris, AV Consultant, Comcen

Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales

The signage screens are supporting the re-branding of Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales, emphasising the connection between the museum family, including:

Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales

Our Outdoor Digital Signage can provide several benefits for museums, including:

Increased Visibility: Outdoor Digital signage provides a high-resolution, increasing the visibility of the museum.
Dynamic Content: Additionally, outdoor digital signage allows for dynamic, real-time updates of content such as current exhibits, events, and promotions.
Versatility: Digital signage offer versatility in terms of design and display options – allowing museums to present information in an engaging and interactive way.
Weather Resistance: Outdoor digital signage displays withstand the elements.
Cost-effective: Digital signage can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional outdoor signs.
Increased Engagement: By providing relevant, up-to-date information, outdoor digital signs can increase visitor engagement.

The LG 55XE4 High Bright 55″ Externally Rated Screens are a popular choice for outdoor signage within a casing due to several factors:

High Brightness: The LG 55XE4 has a high brightness level of 2,500 nits, which makes it easily visible even in bright sunlight. This high brightness is essential for outdoor signage, where the screen must compete with ambient light to remain visible.
Durability: The LG 55XE4 is built to withstand outdoor conditions, with an IP56 rating that protects against dust, water, and other environmental factors. This means that the screen can operate reliably in harsh outdoor environments.
Temperature Regulation: The LG 55XE4 has an advanced temperature regulation system that ensures the screen operates within a safe temperature range. This system is critical for outdoor signage, as high temperatures can cause the screen to malfunction.
Size: The LG 55XE4 is a 55″ screen, which provides ample screen real estate for displaying content. This large size makes it ideal for outdoor signage, where it must be visible from a distance.

Overall, the LG 55XE4 High Bright 55″ Externally Rated Screens are an excellent choice for outdoor signage within casing due to their high brightness, durability, temperature regulation, and size. These factors make them a reliable and effective solution for digital signage

BrightSign offers several features that make it a great option for outdoor digital signage:

Robust hardware: BrightSign’s hardware is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust. Its players are solid-state and fan-less, which minimizes the risk of failure due to moving parts.
High-quality video playback: BrightSign players support high-resolution video playback and can handle 4K Ultra HD content. This is important for outdoor digital signage, where the quality of the content needs to be sharp and clear.
Remote management: BrightSign’s cloud-based network management system allows users to manage and monitor their outdoor digital signage network remotely. This is critical for digital signage, as it allows for real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and software updates without the need for physical access to the player.
Customisable: BrightSign’s digital signage solution is highly customisable and can be tailored to the specific needs of the outdoor digital signage application. For example, users can create custom interfaces, integrate with third-party systems, and develop custom applications.
Compatibility: BrightSign is compatible with a wide range of digital signage software applications and content management systems. This makes it easy to integrate with existing systems or to use with popular software platforms.

Overall, BrightSign’s robust hardware, high-quality video playback, remote management capabilities, customisation options, and compatibility make it an excellent choice for outdoor digital signage. Its reliability and ease of use make it a popular choice for many different types of outdoor digital signage applications, from advertising to wayfinding to event promotion.

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