ScreenBeam Wireless Display

ScreenBeam Wireless Display is a Flexible Content Sharing Platform.

ScreenBeam wireless display solutions and support enhances the quality of learning and meeting areas for wireless display video conferencing.

Key Features
Wirelessly present from laptop, tablet or smartphone wirelessly
Supports Bring Your Own Meeting with ScreenBeam Conference Technology
Easily integrates with existing UC Room solutions
Native wireless display eliminates apps and dongles
Multi-network for employee and guest connections
Multi-View and Quick Switch Modes for effective collaboration
Windows 10 wireless inking and touch support with ScreenBeam Ghost Inking™
Centrally manage receivers with multi-user and role-based access included
Integrated HTML-based digital signage player
Flexible in-room display sharing preference including HDMI input
Optional secured and isolated Wi-Fi hotspot

Our AV Consultants understand ScreenBeam’s Wireless Display solutions and will be able to source and explain the best solutions for your requirements and budget.
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Why is ScreenBeam different?

As well as contactless collaboration, ScreenBeam offers App-free wireless connections which support a range of devices with a HDMI input.

It enables you to connect your room equipment to the host device from ScreenBeam wirelessly. Having a contactless collaboration reduces contact with hardware such as buttons and remote controls, resulting in a safer meeting experience.

The personalisation options for conferencing give easy connection between employee and guest through multi-network architecture.

You can monitor, manage and control the privilege levels with multiple administrators, plus there are three Security levels:

Customisable PIN pair options | Network certificate (based) security | Keep content safe with encryption (AES128)

Supports native wireless display across Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Chromebook devices. HDMI input available for older devices.

ScreenBeam Conference wirelessly connects the room equipment to the host device and allows personal choice of web conferencing tool.

User device drives the meeting eliminating contact with dongles, buttons, remote controls and switches for a safer user experience.

Three physical network interfaces connect both employee and guest devices without compromising security.

Included access supports multiple administrators and allows for different privilege levels among administrators.

Network certificate-based security, AES128 encryption to keep content safe, and customizable PIN pairing options.