VESTEL Digital Signage and Interactive Displays

Being one of the top 3 global TV producers, Vestel create and design a whole world of TV technologies.

Ultra-fast product turnarounds and  incredibly competitive price points for even the most cutting-edge TV models.

World-Renowned Technology Giant

Proud to be recognised as a world-renowned technology giant and a market leader in Turkey, we make it our mission to excel in every sector that we enter. Continuously investing in research and development, we strive to build on our success, making the highest quality solutions accessible for an ever-growing number of customers throughout the EMEA and beyond.

Award Winning Innovations

In 2017 Vestel were awarded with the Plus X award for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality for:

VENUS Z10 Smart Phone, High Glass TV stand

Space Age Set top box Rolls Set Top Box


Awarded with Best Product of The Year:

Vega set top box Rolls Set top box High Glass TV Stand

Vestel 98” 8k UHD TV 55” Curved OLED TV

Awarded Best Design Brand of the Year 2016-2017 in Telecommunication Product Group

Most innovative Brand of The Year

Awarded REDDOT Design Award

Envo Electric Vehicle Charge

 A focvus on customer experience and solution specific products

Auto Launch
SoC platform allows application linkage through the HTML5 to the display to auto launch, giving the choice to the customer of online or offline applications. Through the power of SoC the OSD Orientation enables an easier process to manage the display menu, important for the usage of portrait mode.

USB Autoplay
Vestel makes content easier to play through USB Autoplay without needing to set up.

HDMI Wake Up
HDMI Wake Up feature enhances an easier process experience for users with controlling on/off.

Wireless Display
Wireless Display can be used with either Android Screen Sharing, or Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.
You have the option to mirror screen with the display through in-built wireless capabilities without the fuss.

Display Control
Control display over RS232 and LAN or by a DSUB9 connector.

One of SoC’s most important features is the scheduler, allowing control over opening/closing times of display.

Content Managemetn Programme
Playback library is supported by the content management program. Simple menus and simple layouts achieve an easy-to-use rounded content management, beneficial to small to medium enterprises.

HDR10, 4K HDMI @60Hz By HDR10 compatibility. Advanced and guaranteed content picture quality.

IP Streaming Support
RTSP/RTP/HLS and UDP Multicast gain results for content streaming for a real-time experience.

Signal Failover
Signal Failover reduces the risk of a “No Signal” display by showing a customisable banner, so you don’t have to worry about having a blank screen.

Creston Connected
Creston Connected certification works hand in hand with Vestel through a range of business platforms increasing the sector engagement

Vestel Video Walls offer a powerful visual experience

Vestel’s LCD video wall explores a new visual experience with clear Real Ultra HD resolution content and reduces interference.

Real UHD resolution with large size video wall professional 24/7 displays are achievable through Vestel, with the option of Landscape or Portrait Mode.

Display Pixel Shifting feature reduces the threat of any image sticking.

With Vestel you have reduced gaps between displays to get the most out of your display.

Dimensions of screen image bezel gap: 3.5mm, 1.8mm and 0.88mm.

You have the option to add an OPS slot for the LCD video walls, allowing you to disable the use of an external player.

How to in 2 steps:
1- Connect the OPS to first display with HDMI/DP
2- Perform HDMI/DP daisy chain structure between the video wall elements.

Vestel panels enhance visibility with anti-reflective solutions to reduce the chance of any glare, even when under direct sun light through 500 Nits VWs.

Vestel VWs can tolerate long hours of operation.

If you are wanting a landscape display, having a wall mount option can make it easier to move screens in a number of directions so that your images successfully run.

The eco design provides lower energy usage on the Vestel VWs whilst still performing at high levels.

“Vestel follows the worldwide standards for limiting harmful substances and eliminating waste products.”

Our super crisp UHD touch screen displays offer the latest touch screen technology to make collaboration as seamless as possible, wherever you are. We know that its about making that connection with someone that makes all the difference so whether you’re teaching a child or selling in a new idea, you need a solution that will help you make your vision reality.