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    smots™ InSitu Medical Camera is a vital innovation in the healthcare environment.

    This new smots™ InSitu Medical Camera solution gives you 3 completely wireless cameras (full 1080p HD) AND a patient monitor feed for connecting to a manikin. The cameras have built in hi fidelity microphones and infra-red illumination to allow use in complete darkness.

    The 110 degree wide angle lenses pick up every detail which is of course recorded in smots(tm) Control Centre software* (*must have latest version 14 software).

    You could wirelessly tag the video as you go along too? The cameras use 802.11 WIFI protocols which of course mean that if the single access point is insufficient for some scenarios, it is easy and inexpensive to extend.

    Mounting of the wireless cameras is easy using either the strong angle adjustable clip, or the body worn harness.

    The built in laptop means you can always view your material wherever you are. Now you can follow a patient journey! The camera’s 12 hour battery life means all day work is perfectly practical.



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    smots™ InSitu Medical Camera Features

    Current applications include use in:
    • Remote Locations for immersive training environments
    • Locations without a smots™ system bring smots™ to those without
    • Live in the field training scenarios and emergency situations outside the confines of the ward
    • Overseas training recording new procedures and experience from around the world

    smots InSitu Includes:
    • 1 x SC701HD smots(tm) box for patient monitor (or other HDMI input)
    • 3 x WIFI cameras with integral microphones
    • 1 x patient voice loudspeaker
    • 1 x Dell 17” laptop

    smots InSitu features Include:
    • Ruggedised case with lock
    • Robust roller wheels
    • Extendable handle
    • HD input
    • Fully configured 17” laptop workstation



    Download Specifications Sheet

    smots™ InSitu Medical Camera Specifications

    56.5cm x 37cm x 24cm
    including 15.6” PC 20kg


    No accessories listed