Bose Professional

See more, understand more, and hear more with all-in-one Bose Professional conferencing solutions.

Bose Professional Covers innovations for huddle spaces, desktop, and mobile products.

With excellent sound quality, Bose Professional meets the demands of multiple venues and markets such as theatres, place of worship, restaurants, stadiums, hotels, and more.

Bose’s customers expect and depend on them to excel in their reputation, livelihood, and amp.

Bose Professional Pro audio is about creating incredible experiences

Incredible audio experiences creating an unforgettable event whether its music or conferences.

Being a problem-solving company, Bose research and explore products to get the best result for customers.

“Dr. Amar Bose bought a premium stereo that produced less-than-premium sound, he started researching, and he founded the company to keep researching. And we’ve never stopped. Dr.Bose believed exploration it its own reward, a gift in itself”.

Our Bose Values

Deliver consistent, premium performance across a range of solutions to make interactions more natural, make meetings more productive, and help everyone feel more connected and engaged.

Offer a simplified conferencing experience with products that are easier to operate, require less troubleshooting, and reliably facilitate clear communication.

Simplify huddle spaces with all-in-one solutions like the Bose Videobar VB1, a premium conferencing device perfect for huddle areas and small meeting rooms.

Help remote workers feel more engaged with desktop and mobile conferencing products like Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC that make working in open office spaces productive and enjoyable, switching easily between conversation, voice/video calls, and music.

Design fully integrated meeting rooms using products like ControlSpace EX processors, ControlSpace EX Dante endpoints, EdgeMax loudspeakers, and ControlSpace Designer software.

Bring clarity and intelligibility to large meeting rooms with best-in-class echo cancelling and innovative loudspeakers, so remote meeting participants can hear and understand better.

Integrate with popular unified communications platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and more to offer enhanced video and audio performance.

Build trust with end-users by offering easy-to-operate conferencing solutions from a globally respected audio company that they already know and recognize as a premium brand.

Working seamlessly alongside partners

Bose come together to ensure they are offering the best high-quality solutions which are tested and certified.

Google, Microsoft, and Zoom are included in the solutions of Strategic cloud partners.

End-to-end high-quality solutions from the Bose Technology Alliance Program.

With the collaboration between partners, there is no limit on successful solutions for customers, and providing a variety of options to be flexible for user experience.

Removing distraction noises

Acoustic construction, noise filtering, and noise attenuation technologies eliminate the noises you don’t want, focussing more on the voices you want to be heard clearly.

Video Conferencing Must-Have

Videoconferencing has become more important to our lives than ever before from the pandemic resulting in remote and hybrid working. Businesses have upped their conferencing equipment to ensure meetings run smoothly and clearly between individuals.

Videoconferencing has met the demand of being flexible and accommodating for those working in huddle spaces to those working from home or away, whether its on a big screen or over the phone.
Bose focus on scalability, ensuring support for varying requirements from companies.

We see every purchase as the beginning of a partnership

With Bose’s professional team behind each bought product, you can rely on their support and services.